The Drs: Placenta Party + Decorating Dr Rachael Ross Nursery


The Doctors: Baby Moving Inside Mom

The Doctors shared a viral video of a French woman who is in her third trimester. The video shows the woman lying down while the baby moves inside her stomach. The Doctors pointed out that because it was so easy for the baby to move its limbs against the mom’s stomach and make such obvious movements, the mother likely suffers from severe separation of her abdominal wall, which can sometimes occur during pregnancy. Normally you can feel the baby move and see some movement, but nothing that drastic!


The Doctors: Placenta Party

The Doctors: Placenta Party + Decorating Dr Rachael Ross Nursery

The Doctors shared news of a couple who had a placenta party at which they served placenta pizza and strawberry daiquiries with placenta. (hebdromadaires / Flickr)

While on the topic of babies, The Doctors then shared news of a couple who planned a sit down dinner as part of the placenta party to celebrate the arrival of their little one. Yes, you read that correctly, a placenta party! The father used his cooking skills to make placenta pizza and placenta daiquiris. He chopped the placenta into tiny pieces and fried it with garlic and red onions before adding it to a pizza with other veggies. The mother described the pizza as tasty saying it tasted just like spicy liver.


For the daiquiri’s, he used a strawberry daiquiri mix and blended the placenta to mix it together, before adding sugar to the top of the glass. Most odd, the couple had a friend at their placenta party who was eating and drinking along with them! Placenta supposedly has a lot of health benefits, but could you actually eat something that came out of you or your loved one?

The Doctors: Dr Rachael Ross Decorating The Nursery

Next, The Doctors had their cameras rolling as Dr Rachael Ross began decorating the nursery in her house. She really wanted to have a lot of visual stimulation for her daughter, but before they actually began decorating, Rachael and a professional from Decor Aid went to Twinkle Twinkle Little Ones to pick out some furniture! Because Dr Ross has hardwood floors in the bedroom, she looked at soft rugs before checking out different durable cribs. The Decor Aid designer kicked Dr Ross out so that she could finish the design, and Dr Ross explained on the show that she hadn’t seen it yet.

She was brought to tears explaining that it was hard to not have her sister there to help her put it together, so to have the support of The Doctors and the professionals at Decor Aid and Twinkle Twinkle Little Ones, overwhelmed her with gratitude. The Doctors were going to finally reveal Dr Ross’ nursery later in the show!

The Doctors: Dr Rachael Ross Nursery Reveal

Toward the end of the show, The Doctors revealed Dr Ross brand new nursery, complete with the word “dream” decoratively hung on the wall and adorable window treatments. A bookshelf was decorated with cute accents, as was a white crib. The floor was covered in a soft white rug, and a line from Dr Ross’s favorite song was beautifully written on a canvas that was hung on the wall. She was brought to tears by the incredible room makeover.

The Doctors: Dr Rachael Ross Surprise Baby Shower

Of course, that wasn’t all! Dr Travis Stork surprised Dr Ross with a baby shower to celebrate the expected arrival of her baby girl. She was surprised with a giant teddy bear, a cake, flowers, and hugs from the entire staff and team at The Doctors tv show. It was certainly hugs and smiles all around from Dr Ross and the entire crew!


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