The Drs: Dr Rachael Having A Baby! + Pole Dancing Pregnant Woman


The Doctors: Dr Rachael Ross Is Pregnant!

The Doctors kicked off the show by sharing that a big fan of the show had a big medical secret that they wanted to reveal right there on the show. Dr Jennifer Ashton joined the show from New York and then Dr Travis Stork asked the person with the secret to please stand up. Suddenly, Dr Rachael Ross stood up and revealed that she was pregnant! Balloons dropped and both Dr Jennifer Berman and Dr Jennifer Ashton teared up with excitement! Balloons dropped in celebration of Dr Rachael’s big announcement!


Dr Rachael said everyone makes pregnancy look so easy, but she’s been sick just about every day. She said she hasn’t had any angry outbursts which is good! Dr Rachael is a little over five months pregnant, which means she really hid it for quite a while. Dr Travis Stork said it was all starting to make sense for him! Dr Rachael said she knew she always wanted to be a mom, but wanted to make sure the time was right, because she was always so career-focused, until she realized it was time for her to have a baby.

Drs: Dr Rachael Having A Baby! + Pole Dancing Pregnant Woman

Dr Rachael Ross revealed the biggest news of her life, and even her co-hosts had no idea it was coming! (emerycophoto / Flickr)


The Doctors: Dr Rachael Expecting A Baby

The Doctors then revealed that later in the show, Dr Rachael’s doctor was going to perform an ultrasound to find out the gender of the baby. Dr Ashton said “pregnancy is an adventure and it is different for every woman.” She told Dr Rachael to try not to be a doctor for the rest of her pregnancy, because that’s what her doctor is for. She needs to soak it up and enjoy every second, because there’s nothing like growing a human inside of you! Dr Ordon said he and Dr Travis will babysit!

How excited are you for Dr Rachael?

The Doctors: Dog Meets Baby For First Time

The Doctors then moved on to share a video of a dog meeting a new baby for the first time. The baby was lying on the floor and crawling around while the beagle walked around for a little bit before licking the baby and starting to play with him. Dr Rachael said she’s anxious to have her new puppy Madeline meet the new baby, and hopes, of course, that they’ll love each other.

How did your dog react the first time it meant your children?

The Doctors: Pole Dancing Pregnant Woman

The Doctors then switched gears to talk about one woman’s prenatal workout routine, showing a pregnant woman working out on a fitness pole. She’s a 45-year-old mother of three and has pole danced through all of her pregnancies. She’s an acrobat performer, so she does it all the time, so don’t even attempt to try to pole dance if you’re pregnant! Dr Rachael laughed and said she certainly doesn’t even feel like going out and exercising like crazy. Dr Rachael said she actually refuses to return phone calls from her trainer, but workouts specifically for pregnant women are becoming more common and popular.

Dr Rachael has been doing some yoga, which really is enough, and walks when she can.


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