The Drs: Croup Symptoms & What Age Does Croup Goes Away?


The Doctors TV Show was called “Will It Go Away On Its Own” today, because they were answering the question of when you have to go to the doctor versus when you can just wait it out.  If you have a nagging cough, when should you get it checked out by your doctor?  A lady named Dawn from Arkansas has two boys (one is seven years old and one is 21 months) and they seem to always be getting Croup.  What causes Croup?  What can you do to treat Croup?  And, at what age do you outgrow Croup?  The Drs TV Show gave us everything we need to know about Croup!

The Doctors TV Show: Croup Symptoms

The Doctors said that Croup sounds kind of like a barky sound when your child breathes, and it is caused by a virus which causes The Doctors Croupswelling in the upper-airway near the voice box.  As the airway gets smaller, it becomes harder and harder for air to pass through – especially when your child gets excited or starts to cry.  Croup can actually become pretty loud and scary to parents.


The Doctors: Croup Treatments

The Doctors said that during the first few nights, your child is likely to wake up with Croup and have a rough night.  You should turn on the shower to make a hot, steamy bathroom and bring them into the steamy room to help with their breathing.  If your child is still breastfeeding, then sometimes it can help to calm them down if you breastfeed them.  You do not want to give your child antihistamines for Croup without talking to a doctor first.  It is also crucial, with Croup, to stay well hydrated.

The Drs: Croup Gets Worse At Night

The Doctors said that Croup tends to get worse at night, so if your child is already starting to show the symptoms during the day, consider going to your doctor to get some steroids or another treatment.  Pay particular attention if your child is turning blue or cannot swallow, because these are all bad signs.  Dr Jim Sears said that he gets calls from scared parents in the ER who do not want to give their kids steroids, but Dr Jim said that for Croup it is ok to use steroids for a couple of days if your doctor is recommending it.

The Drs: When Do You Grow Out of Croup?

The Doctors said that usually by the time your child is five or six years old, they will not longer get Croup but it can manifest itself as Laryngitis instead, which is much less of a problem.  This is yet another reason that it is so important for adults who have a virus or a cold to be very careful not to pass it on to your child.  Have good hygiene and wash your hands before eating and before touching your children!



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