The Doctors: Tonsil Removal | Tonsillectomy ENT vs Pediatrician


The Doctors: Kid’s Health Symptoms

Parents naturally worry about their children. But when should you be concerned that a seemingly minor illness could be something more serious? Dr. Jim Sears shared symptoms to watch for that are cause for you to call your doctor.

The Drs: Time To Get Your Tonsils Out?

Medical professionals disagree about when and why you should have your tonsils removed.


Prolonged Coughing

Dr. Jim Sears said if your child’s cough won’t stop, gets worse after three to five days, or is accompanied by other symptoms, it’s time to call the pediatrician.

The Drs TV: Meningitis

If a child gets a rash that looks like magic marker dots, accompanied by fever, it might be Meningitis, which can be fatal if untreated. This is called Petechiae, and you can test for it by pressing on the rash. It won’t fade like other rashes do.

Immobile Limbs

If a child can’t raise either arm, or can’t stand on one of their legs, especially if they have a fever, it could be an infection in the knee or hip joint. This is a serious infection that must be treated quickly with IV antibiotics in order to save the joint.


Projectile Or Persistent Vomiting

There could be many causes for this, but you’ll want to consult your pediatrician if they’re having ongoing vomiting. It could be food poisoning or even intestinal torsion. Dehydration is another warning sign, so if they have dry lips, a sunken soft spot, or haven’t wet their diaper in six to eight hours, it’s time to ask your doctor what could be happening.

Abdominal Pain

If your child is having persistent or worsening abdominal pain, for more than a couple hours, it could be appendicitis.

If you are worried about any symptoms your child has, call your doctor.

The Drs: Should I Get My Tonsils Out?

Dr. Andrew Ordon said getting your tonsils removed can make you less prone to illness, which saves on doctor bills over the years. I begged my parents to take my tonsils out when I was a kid, but I still have them today.

The Drs: Tonsils Out Pros & Cons

Dr. Jim Sears said that you should only get your tonsils out if there is a medical reason to do so. They are the immune system’s front line, trapping bacteria as it enters your mouth. There are 18 million cases of strep throat annually.

Tonsillectomy: Pediatricians Vs ENTs

Pediatricians recommend waiting until a child has seven cases of tonsillitis in a year before having the tonsils removed. Ear, Nose, and Throat surgeons recommend doing the procedure after three to four cases in a single year.

Dr. Ordon said swollen tonsils and adenoids lead to breathing problems and long face syndrome. This can also lead to middle ear problems and sleep problems such as sleep apnea. Poor sleep can lead to behavior problems at home and at school.


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