The Doctors: Tia Mowry Oh Baby Review, New Mom Questions & Yoga DVD


The Doctors: Tia Mowry Lisa Masterson Fan

Actress Tia Mowry came on The Doctors to ask them some questions she had about being a new mother. Dr. Lisa Masterson said that her and her son watched Sister, Sister together and that it was neat to see her as a child and now see her all grown up and as a new mom.

The Doctors: Tia Mowry Oh Baby Review, New Mom Questions & Yoga DVD

Tia Mowry stopped by The Doctors to ask them some questions about new mothers and to talk about her book and her yoga DVD. (s_bukley /


Tia Mowry said she was nauseated throughout her entire pregnancy. Dr. Masterson said that’s very common in the first pregnancy, so if she wanted future children, she might not feel that way next time around.

The Doctors: Tia Mowry Oh Baby Review

Tia Mowry wrote about her pregnancy in a book called Oh, Baby! For example, Tia Mowry asked Dr. Masterson about how sometimes when she was pregnant she would pee when she laughed.

Dr. Masterson said that what happens is that pregnancy puts a lot of pressure on the female anatomy, which weakens it and puts pressure on the bladder. Dr. Travis Stork said this is why a pregnant mother should never laugh.


The Doctors: Breastfeeding Benefits

Tia Mowry asked if there was any benefit to breastfeeding for two years, as opposed to three months. Dr. Jim Sears said that three months is a great amount of time to breast feed, but a year is better. He also said that it’s not the end of the world that she didn’t breast feed longer. Dr. Sears also said it was important for the immune system to breast feed for longer, so since Tia Mowry didn’t get that benefit, he asked her if she was eating well. She said they only eat organic.

The Doctors: Tia Mowry Yoga

Tia Mowry said she relaxes with yoga. She said as a working mom and a wife, she needs to relax sometimes and yoga helps her with that. She said it also helped her lose 60 pounds. Tia Mowry also has a new yoga DVD.

Tia Mowry showed the hosts a few yoga poses and Dr. Stork announced that everyone in the audience is going home with Tia Mowry’s DVD.


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