The Doctors: Teen’s Titanium Rib Implant Surgery Results


The Doctors: Titanium Ribs Results

In a show that was filled with Medical Mistakes and Warnings, it’s nice that they found time to showcase a medical miracle as well. Dr. Travis Stork helped share the story of a teenager who sees the inside of an operating room more times in an average year than most of us do in a lifetime.

Clayton was born with five missing ribs and had a 1 in 3 shot at survival. Now he is 15, and he’s survived dozens of surgeries. Recently he underwent a Titanium Rib Implant surgery that should help him with his posture and general health, improving his quality of life. He should be able to walk and breathe normally for the first time in his life, which has got to be an exciting feeling.


It’s hard to imagine what it’s like to be denied the simple daily functions we take for granted, and it’s amazing that this kid is so resilient even though his body has been through so much.

Read more about Clayton’s Surgical Journey.

The Drs: Titanium Rib Implants

The results of an exciting and innovative spinal surgery that gave one teen a new lease on life.


The Drs TV: Clay’s Titanium Rib Results

In the studio, The Doctors welcomed Clay and his mom, Amy, to share the results of their story. Dr. Travis Stork called Clay’s story inspiring, saying it would give hope to other viewers who have their own struggles in life. While there are many of examples of medical mistakes and things gone wrong, many times things do go according to plan in the OR, and Clay is an example of this, Dr. Travis said.

His surgeon, Dr. James Walter Simmons, was on hand to update everyone on Clay’s progress and future medical prognosis. The Orthopedic Spinal Surgeon called Clay a success story, indicating that these procedures could be life changing.

How Titanium Ribs Work

Using a model of a spine, Dr. Simmons explained how the Titanium Ribs attach between the ribs and pelvis, to stretch and straighten the spine. He compared it to using guidewires to help a young tree grow straight.

“Once it becomes mature and straight, then the device is finished, and we can actually take them out sometimes,” he said. The goal is to give children the chance to have a straight spine as they grow into adulthood.


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