The Doctors: School Turned Away Boy With Down Syndrome


The Doctors: Driving While Breastfeeding?

The Doctors played a 911 call of a woman explaining to the operator that she saw another woman driving down the highway with an infant on her lap while she was driving. The woman was weaving in and out of traffic and when she was pulled over by police, not only was the woman driving with the baby in the front seat, she was driving while breastfeeding. The woman explained to the officers that the infant wouldn’t stop screaming until it was fed, but she put both of their lives at risk, as well as others.

People die every day from distracted driving, so if you have to breastfeed your child, stop the car and don’t do it while driving.


The Doctors: School Rejected Boy With Down Syndrome

The Doctors: School Turned Away Boy With Down Syndrome

The Doctors spoke with a father who is fighting to get a middle school to accept his son, who has down syndrome. (alamosbasement / Flickr)


They then reported on a middle school that has caused quite a bit of controversy after turning away a student that many people argue should have been able to attend. Aiden is 12-years-old and was rejected because he has down syndrome. Aiden’s dad says the block is a violation of civil rights and filed a lawsuit against the school. The family is determined to have their son enter the school, and will show up on the first day whether he’s welcome or not.

Aiden’s dad Christian joined the show via Skype and explained that when they showed up at the school, all of Aiden’s 6th grade graduates were there rallying for him, and got to enter the school, but Aiden couldn’t. The school is arguing that they don’t have the right resources for Aiden, but the family reached out to the school two years ago, to talk about the transition services needed, and the school basically refused to even discuss it. Aiden is now being separated from all the kids he’s been learning with for nine years.

The Doctors: Fighting To Let Son Attend Middle School

Dr Rachael Ross pointed out that inclusion education has been proven all over the world to be a great technique for socializing and educating children with down syndrome. The Doctors applauded Christian for his fight and wished him the best of luck. Christian said there’s been a huge swell of support in their community and even across the world. He’s hoping that the Board of Education sees that it’s not the right thing to do morally and legally.

The middle school responded with the following statement: “In accordance to New York State and Federal privacy laws, the district is legally prohibited from discussing individual student matters and cannot comment on pending litigation.”

Do you think the school should have allowed Aiden to go to school? Do you think Aiden’s father is doing the right thing?


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