The Doctors: Raising Boys vs. Girls & Female Metabolism


Dr Sears: Are Boys More Difficult to Potty Train?

On The Doctors August 23, Pediatrician Dr Jim Sears explained some of the key differences between raising boys vs. girls. There are plenty of myths out there: for example, are boys slower to potty train? Dr Sears separated fact from fiction.

A caller, Monica, wanted to know why she was having trouble potty training her two-year-old son, when her daughter was such a breeze. Dr Sears said that boys are definitely slower at things like potty training, walking, and talking.


Potty Training The Doctors August 23

Dr Jim Sears revealed why boys are harder to potty train on The Doctors August 23.

However, in order to speed things up, be encouraging, but don’t ever pressure. Also, be sure that the child is ready. Is he showing interest? Does he watch Dad use the bathroom? Does he have awareness regarding when he needs to go to the bathroom? These are signs that he is ready to be trained.

Dr Sears: Potty-Training Strategies

Dr Sears outlined a few strategies that worked for his own son. Firstly, use incentives; Dr Sears let his son pick out a new toy, and it stayed in the box until the first time he went potty.


Another idea is to set an oven timer, or make up a potty game. A lot of times, little boys are too busy playing to even notice that they need to go to the bathroom. You can even buy “toilet targets” so that they can practice their aim.

Most importantly, the Golden Rule of potty training is to never punish your child for having an accident. This will only cause him anxiety and not help him train any faster.

Dr Sears: Voice Change in Boys and Girls

A viewer wrote into the show wanting to know why her thirteen-year-old son’s voice changed, but nothing happens to girls. Dr Sears explained that it’s all about testosterone. In boys, vocal chords become stretched, and the longer they become, the deeper their voice becomes. Dr Masterson revealed that voice changes do happen to girls as well, but it is far more subtle.

The Doctors: Female Metabolism

Cheryl wrote in to The Doctors because she and her husband are losing weight. However, he’s already lost 14 pounds in one month, while she’s lost 6 pounds. Do women simply have a slower metabolism than men?

Men do generally lose weight faster, because of both genetics and the fact that they are naturally more muscular. It can be frustrating for women because their metabolisms can be much slower. Female bodies are naturally programmed to hold on to fat because of the ability to have children. However, Dr Stork pointed out that losing weight is not a race. As long as you’re living better and healthier, you’re on the right track.

When it comes to all aspects of understanding the differences between the genders, The Doctors had you covered on August 23. Doctors’ Orders were to snuggle up and appreciate your loved one– even if they sometimes drive you crazy!




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