The Doctors: Playground Danger + Avoid These Party Fouls

The Doctors: Shocking Playground Risk

In another “Stuff My Mom Forwards Me” segment, The Doctors explained that a viral post shows a mom going down a playground slide with her toddler, reporting that you could actually break your child’s leg by doing so. The picture shows a toddler with her legs on either side of her mother’s legs, and it’s actually true! If your child’s leg gets stuck going down the slide, the force of your weight behind them could easily fracture their leg. If your child can’t safely go down a slide by themselves, they probably shouldn’t be on the slide in the first place.


The Doctors: Arrested For Trying On Tampons

The Doctors: Playground Danger + Avoid These Party Fouls

The Doctors shared a surprising risk at your child’s playground that you likely didn’t know about. (37467370@N08 / Flickr)

Another post has been shared more than 400,000 times on Facebook, and the article reports that a woman was arrested after trying on tampons and sanitary pads in the feminine care aisle. The article claims that the woman was tired of spending money on products that won’t work for her, so she wanted to know what tampon would fit her best. Turns out the story was a hoax, thank goodness!


But still, what would you do if you saw someone doing that in the store you were shopping in?

The Doctors: Party Fouls To Avoid

The Doctors then moved on to talk about the holiday season and share their tips for avoiding any party fouls. First, if you’ve got the heat on, you could be committing a party foul! If you’ve got a lot of people coming over, turn the heat down or maybe open some windows to avoid people overheating and becoming uncomfortable.

Second, if you come to someone’s house, unless it’s a home-warning party, don’t ask for a tour of the house. Dr Rachael Ross and Dr Travis Stork then got on Dr Drew Ordon for never inviting them to his Bel Air house at all!


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