The Doctors: iCarly Spaghetti Taco Recipe & Picky Eater Tips


The Doctors TV Show today was called Cure It In No Time.  Dr Jim Sears gave some fabulous advice for frustrated parents who need help because they have picky eaters.  The Drs TV Show even re-designed the iCarly Spaghetti Taco Recipe to make it healthier for your children.

The Doctors: Spaghetti Taco Recipe

The Doctors said that kids often get hung up on wanting the same thing to eat every day for weeks.  The latest trend in kid-friendly The Doctors Face Platefood is the Spaghetti Taco shown on iCarly, a popular kids show on Nickelodeon.  Ginger, a five and a half year old girl, joined The Doctors with her mother named Piper.  Ginger loves iCarly Spaghetti Tacos, but is generally a picky eater.  Piper said that Ginger does not like her food to touch.  Dr Jim Sears said that when you have a picky eater, you do not want to make a huge plate of food, put it in front of them, and say that they will sit there until they finish all of it – this is just creating a power struggle.  Instead, when you sit down for dinner, pretend like you forgot to serve them and give them nothing.  Within a minute, they will ask you for some of what is on your plate.


The Doctors: Picky Eater Tips

Dr Jim Sears gave some more great advice for Picky Eaters:

1.  Everybody loves a buffet of choices.  Take an ice cube tray or a muffin tin, and fill each space with a different type of healthy food that have lots of colors and look fun.  That way, since everything is healthy, you won’t care which section your child eats from – and this is a great solution for kids who do not like their foods to touch.

2.  Make eating fun!  You can get plates with faces on them, like these Face Plates, and your child can use the food on their plate to make all kind of fun faces like adding a beard out of peas or changing the eyebrows with carrots! Another option is to use a regular paper plate and to let your child draw a face on his or her plate before dinner with Edible Markers and then your child will be even more excited for meal time! Or how about an Airplane Fork to spice up dinner?


3.  If your kid is stuck on eating one food over and over again, that is fine, as long as you can do a makeover and make the dish a healthy option.  For example, you can make a Healthy Spaghetti Taco Recipe by toasting whole wheat tortillas to make healthier taco shells.  Then use brown rice spaghetti instead of regular spaghetti, because the whole grains and fiber are better for your child – plus it is gluten-free in case your child has a gluten allergy.  You should cook the pasta so that it is al dente, otherwise your blood can absorb the sugar from the pasta too quickly.  Finally, add some extra pureed vegetables into the tomato sauce.


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