The Doctors: How To Determine Your Baby’s Eye Color


The Doctors TV Show: Baby’s Eye Color

The Drs TV Show spoke about how to determine your baby’s eye color.  Dr Jim Sears said that when a baby is in the mother’s womb, the baby’s eyes have a blue-ish tint because there is no melanin.  However, if your genetics dictate that your baby should have melanin in his or her eyes,  then the Melanin creeps into the eyes slowly before birth or shortly afterward.  If your baby has blue eyes, that means there is no or very little Melanin.  A small amount of Melanin turns eyes green, and if there is lots of Melanin then the eyes turn dark brown or even black.  Dr Sears said that your child’s eyes will usually have their final color by the age of 6-9 months.  However, a child’s eye color could change up to the age of 3 years old.  It is a complex calculation to determine how likely it is for your child’s eyes to be a certain color.  You can get a rough idea by looking at the parent’s eye color along with the grandparent’s eye color, like this Eye Color Calculator estimates.

Paper Dollhouse By Dr Lisa Masterson

The Doctors TV Show also spoke about Dr Lisa Masterson’s book called Paper Dollhouse, which tells her life story up to this point.  Her mother always told her that as a black woman, she Paper Dollhouse Dr Lisa Mastersonhad to do double of whatever the other kids were doing in order to make it.  She loved playing with her chemistry set, so she thought science would be where she would end up.  Then one summer, Dr Lisa was sent to her grandma’s home and her brother got really sick.  They took him to the doctor and her grandmother told her that they could only enter the building through a “Colored Entrance” for African Americans.  Dr Lisa Masterson was so angry that she became determined to become a doctor, because she knew that there was no place for discrimination in medicine.  So that is exactly what she did.  She went to medical school and then became a resident delivering babies.  Was night she was up all night, but did not even realize it because she was so energized by having brought a baby into this world.  Dr Lisa Masterson is truly an inspiration to so many people, even a little girl named Amiya who dreams of becoming a doctor just like Dr Lisa some day… so guess what the fabulous doctor did?  She got several companies to contribute $25,000 towards a scholarship fund for 12-year-old Amiya!



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