The Doctors: How Old is Too Old for the Pediatrician?


The Doctors: Too Old for the Pediatrician

The Doctors answered a question: How old is too old for the pediatrician?

The Doctors: Too Old for the Pediatrician?

The Doctors received an email from Linda in Boise, Idaho, asking what age The Doctors believed was too old for a children to be going to the pediatrician. Dr. Sears said he has seen patients from as young as newborns to children who are in college go to the pediatrician.


Many pediatricians, said Dr. Sears, will see a number of patients who range in age from young to college aged. Dr. Sears also said if the pediatrician in question has only rooms filled with child like furnishings, Linda may want to find a new doctor. Dr. Sears said when he believes a child needs to go to a new doctor, he will  recommend the doctor he see.

The Doctors: Check up for Young Girls

Dr. Masterson said she likes to talk to young girls after they have had their first periods. She said it is not for a check up, she would just like to inform the girls of what is happening to their bodies and to give them comfort during a confusing time.

Dr. Stork finished the episode with his doctor’s orders: Do not be shy in awkward situations. Speak up and try to come to a good resolution.



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