The Doctors: Hirschsprung’s Disease In Babies & Ringworm Vs Rash


Hirschsprung’s Disease: Baby Stool Problems

A Wisconsin viewer asked about her baby, who couldn’t pass his first stool. Doctors removed part of his colon, and she wonders if this will have any lasting effects on her child.

The Drs: Hirschsprung's Disease

Find out why it's critical that your baby have a bowel movement within its first 48 hours of life.


Dr. Jim Sears said pediatricians are often on the lookout for this in newborns. Dr. Jorge Rodriguez explained that “some people are born without the nerve endings to the colon. So without that, the colon can’t move.”

The Drs TV: Hirschsprung’s Disease Symptoms

Babies should pass stool within the first 24 to 48 hours. But with Hirschsprung’s Disease, stool gets backed up in the colon. It is uncomfortable and can lead to bloating. Dr. Jim Sears said infrequent but explosive stool in newborns can be another sign of this condition.

Life-saving treatment for Hirschsprung’s Disease is a surgery to reconnect the colon. Dr. Travis Stork said you usually don’t need your entire colon, and speculated that the child should be able to live a normal life.


The Drs: Ringworm in Kids

Children are at a higher risk for ringworm than adults. A woman said her daughter has it on her cheek. She wanted to know about what it is and how it spreads.

Dr. Jim Sears said this is a fungal infection that can occur all over the body. It starts as a small point, before expanding outward and creating a slightly raised ring. Fungus thrives in moist, warm places, like between fingers or in your groin.

The Doctors: Ringworm Vs Eczema

Sometimes it’s difficult to distinguish between Ringworm and other conditions, such as Eczema. It also looks very similar to Pityriasis Rosea. Scaling on the outside of the ring is a good indicator of Ringworm.

If you’re not sure what you are dealing with, ask your doctor, who can test for it if it’s hard to tell.

The Drs TV: Ringworm Treatments

Dr. Andrew Ordon recommended keeping it clean and dry. Over the counter antifungals used for Jock Itch or Athlete’s Foot can sometimes help. Don’t wear jewelry or anything on the hands that can rub or irritate your condition.

Change and wash your bedding to keep the fungus from recurring. Dr. Jim said you need to apply treatment for a full week after symptoms clear up. He added that kids are constantly touching each other, which is why they more readily spread germs.


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