The Doctors: Button Battery Dangers In Children & A-Tube Device


The Doctors: A-Tube Device That Drains Stomach

The Doctors shared their thoughts on a controversial advance in the fight against obesity. The A-Tube is a device that drains food from the stomach before it can be absorbed by the body. Theoretically, a person will be able to eat as much as he or she likes, then remove the food from their body.

The Doctors: Button Battery Dangers In Children & A-Tube Device

The Doctors discussed a controversial new medical device and the dangers of button batteries in children.


So, is the A-Tube a groundbreaking idea, or is it medically assisted bulimia? What do you think?

The Drs: A-Tube Better Than Surgery?

The A-Tube has already been approved in Europe, and is anticipated to have FDA approval by 2015. The device connects from outside the abdominal wall through tubing, which sounds like it could be dangerous. However, is it better than surgery for fighting obesity?

Dr. Jim Sears admitted that the A-Tube is much simpler and less invasive, but Dr. Lisa Masterson believes there could be issues involving infection. Overall, none of the doctors were too keen on this idea, and neither am I. What if people simply learned to eat less food? This device sounds like a bizarre, temporary solution to the much larger problem of obesity.


The Doctors: Button Battery Dangers

Next up was some extremely important information for for parents, grandparents, babysitters and anyone who spends time around children. Nickel-sized button batteries have proven to be extremely dangerous – even deadly – in children. They can be found inside many common household products, such as remote controls, flameless candles, toy cell phones and even singing greeting cards.

Button batteries cause a dangerous burning of the esophagus. As an experiment, Dr. Jim Sears placed a button battery onto the meat of a hot dog, which soon turned black. This can happen inside the body of a child, and it could very well be fatal.

If you believe a child has swallowed a button battery, get to the E.R. immediately so that doctors can find the battery and remove it. Furthermore, Dr. Sears advises that every parent have these numbers in their phone:

  • National Battery Ingestion Hotline: 1-202-625-3333
  • Poison Control Center: 1-800-222-1222


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