The Doctors: Bilateral Trans-radial Congenital Amputee Baby Jameson


The Doctors: Bilateral Trans-radial Congenital Amputee Jameson

Jameson is a normal, healthy baby boy, except for one major difference: he was born without arms. Jameson’s parents, Jim and Brooke, brought their adorable son to The Doctors and shared their inspirational story with the world.

Jim and Brooke have been married for seven years. About four years into their marriage, they began to think about starting a family. After two devastating miscarriages, Brooke became pregnant for a third time, and things were definitely looking up. When Brooke’s pregnancy entered its 20th week, she went to the doctor for a routine ultrasound.


It was at this time that Jim and Brooke discovered their baby boy had no elbows and no forearms. His condition makes him a bilateral trans-radial congenital amputee, but doctors still do not know what caused it. Brooke described it as “a fluke.”

Jim and Brooke knew that they would love him no matter what, but understandably, they worried for their son’s future. Now, as Jim explained, they believe that their son can do anything.


The Drs: Myoelectric Prosthetics

The Doctors: Bilateral Trans-radial Congenital Amputee Baby Jameson

The Doctors learned the story of Jameson, a baby boy born without arms, and discovered the amazing advancements being made in prosthetics.

Jim and Brooke have decided to raise Jameson with prosthetics. During the commercial break, Jim attached Jameson’s prosthetic arms, which give him the hands he was born without.

Mac Lang, Clinical Director of Advanced Arm Dynamics, joined The Doctors to discuss the prosthetics that Jameson will need now and throughout his life. Currently, Jameson wears two passive prosthetics, which means he doesn’t control them himself. As he grows, Jameson will soon move on to myoelectric prosthetics, which will allow him to control his limbs on his own.

Dr. Jim Sears pointed out that most people with prosthetics gain them only after losing a limb. Therefore, how will Jameson’s experience be different? Mac said that Jameson is at an advantage, because he doesn’t have to re-learn anything; the process of learning to use his limbs, and his prosthetics, will all be one experience.

Mac showed off some of the latest and greatest in prosthetics, including attachments for throwing a baseball. Thankfully, Jameson will be able to live a normal life, but the prosthetics he needs will not be inexpensive. That’s why Advanced Arm Dynamics announced that they will cover the expenses for Jameson’s first pair of myoelectric arms.


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