The Doctors: Beverly Johnson “Beverly’s Full House”


Beverly Johnson: Beverly’s Full House on OWN

Supermodel Beverly Johnson was joined by her daughter, Anansa, and baby granddaughter, Ava, on The Doctors. Beverly appears with her daughter on the OWN reality show Beverly’s Full House.

The Doctors: Beverly's Full House Review

Beverly Johnson from Beverly's Full House was joined by her daughter Anansa and new granddaughter on The Doctors. (s_bukley /


The title of the show is quite literal; Beverly lives not only with Anansa and her husband, David, but Beverly’s boyfriend, best friend, and her best friend’s daughter. Anansa said that living in such a full house can be overwhelming, but as a new mom, it’s great to have so much support.

Ava’s birth was filmed for Beverly’s Full House, so we got to watch a clip. At first, Anansa was reluctant to have her mom be in the delivery room with her, because their relationship had been strained at times. However, Anansa realized that she needed her mom’s support. Beverly was thrilled to have a healthy and beautiful new granddaughter.

The Doctors: When to Have Baby No. 2?

Anansa had a great question about expanding her family: when is it safe to have another one? Dr Masterson explained that the body does need time to heal, plus, breast feeding does stop women from getting pregnant.


Dr Sears suggested that a two year age gap in children usually works out great. The kids are close enough in age to be able to play together, but there is a bit of break time in between the pregnancies, which we all know are taxing on a woman’s body. Ava is so adorable that Anansa said she definitely wants more!

The Doctors had a special gift for Beverly, Anansa, and Ava: a pink-themed Doctors gift basket. Ava seemed to love her gift, since she clapped right along with the audience. You can catch the new mom, new grandma, and baby Ava on the OWN network reality series Beverly’s Full House.


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