The Doctors: Baby Yoga Controversy & Beyonce’s Baby Hospital Security


The Doctors: Beyonce & Jay-Z’s Daughter Blue Ivy

From Beyonce to Baby Yoga, The Doctors talked about the challenges of parenting infants. This spring, music superstars Beyonce and Jay-Z welcomed their baby daughter, Blue Ivy Carter, into the world. But there were media reports from other expecting moms that the couple got preferential treatment during their hospital stay.

The couple reportedly paid more than $1 million to the hospital for control of the floor where they stayed, including installing security guards who allegedly put the floor on lockdown, separating other parents from their own newborns in the NICU.


The Doctors: Beyonce & Blue Ivy; Baby Yoga

The Doctors talked about Beyonce & Jay-Z's extreme security measures for the birth of their daughter, Blue Ivy. (Helga Esteb /

Dr Travis Stork added that the couple is said to have asked visitors to wear masks and gloves before holding the baby. (OK, that part isn’t that outrageous, but way to pile on.) Dr Jim Sears said that a baby’s immune system is much stronger than most people realize. Just being outside the womb or breastfeeding is exposing a newborn to countless new germs, which is helping to ensure that the baby’s immune system is working.

The team agreed that there’s no reason to go out of your way to expose your baby to germs, because they’ll encounter so many naturally anyway. And Dr Jim suggested that new parents avoid sick visitors for the first new months of a child’s life. He added that you should keep your baby away from crowds for the first two months, and getting a baby on track for vaccines is key to their long term health.


The Drs: Douglas Kennedy Hospital Confrontation

Douglas Kennedy, the son of Robert F Kennedy, was recently accused of kicking a nurse and scuffling with medical staff when he tried to take his newborn outside. After reviewing some grainy surveillance video, The Doctors weren’t ready to weigh in on what happened in this case.

But Dr Jim Sears said that newborns in hospitals are monitored, and when they get close to an exit, security alarms sound and medical staff is trained to spring into action. They may not know immediately who has the baby, and to prevent kidnappings, their first move is to secure the exits.

The Doctors agreed that you have to follow the rules when you have a newborn, because they are in place to protect your child and all newborns in a hospital.

Hospital Newborn Security System Review

Dr Travis Stork showed off an umbilical cord tag that can be used for security to match a child to its parents. He demonstrated how the alarm sounds if an authorized person takes a baby outside the designated area.

The Doctors: Baby Yoga Controversy

When you hear the phrase Baby Yoga, you might think of moms and babies doing adorable stretches together. But that’s a far cry from the acrobatic swings and tosses of the controversial Baby Yoga footage featured on The Doctors, which has even been banned from YouTube.

A woman named Lena was shown swinging a baby around by its arms and legs as it screamed and wailed. Some babies even reportedly vomited due to the procedure.

The Doctors agreed that this is a dangerous and ridiculous way of treating a child. Dr Lisa Masterson even went so far as to call it “child abuse” and Dr Travis added that “children’s limbs and brains are not designed for that kind of activity.” Dr Jim worried about the risk of Shaken Baby Syndrome.

He used a doll to demonstrate how traumatic some of the maneuvers could be, especially since babies under two don’t have well developed necks, which could cause serious brain injuries.

Dr Jim Sears: Safe Baby Exercises

Dr Jim Sears shared some alternative ideas for exercising with your baby. His recommendations included bouncing the baby in your arms and carrying him or her. He also said you can lay them on your stomach, face to face. After they are a few months old, you can lay them on their stomach on a blanket, with toys just barely out of reach, which will encourage them to look up.

He also suggested doing moderate exercises with a baby; just be sure you’re supporting the baby’s neck and back at all times.


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