The Doctors: Autistic Boy Abused By Teacher Aides At School


The Drs: Autistic Boy Abused At School

The Doctors: Autistic Boy Abused By Teacher Aides At School

The Doctors heard from a mom who found out her autistic son was being abused at school. (flickr)

The Doctors reported that each year, tens of thousands of kids are restrained or locked up at school, often against their will, and in some cases it can be legal. One autistic boy shared how his school used the restraint and seclusion method to discipline him, as well as other children with special needs.


He was just 10 years old when he was disciplined that way, and would be kept in the restraints for half of and even sometimes the full day. Jino also shared that he as dragged across the carpet and smacked between the eyes so hard it broke a bone.

Jino’s mom Carolyn was appalled by what happened to her son, but Jino thought that was just how every child was treated at school. He admitted that they basically ruined his life.

The Drs: Child Abuse At School

Carolyn shared with The Doctors that she was shocked because she trusted Jino’s school and teachers. Jino said it actually wasn’t the teachers who were typically hurting him, but instead was teacher’s aides. He would be punished for not picking up something off the floor or not standing up.


They would remove every other student from the room and Jino would be left with just a couple aides who would then abuse him. Carolyn said she went straight to the sheriff’s office when she found out what was happening, and the audience applauded her.

The Drs: Defending Children Against Abuse

Areva Martin, an autism advocate and legal analyst, said she was appalled that a school would do that. She said no school has the right to use restraints at all on a child unless the child is a danger to himself or a danger to others. Just because a student won’t follow instructions isn’t a reason to abuse him or her.

Areva praised Carolyn for calling the sheriff, saying that’s exactly what a parent should do. She said a parent whose child is being abused at school should call the police, the school, and even the media to talk to anyone who will listen to them. She said simply, “A child should be safe at school.”

What would you do if you found out your child was being hurt by teachers at school?


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