The Doctors: Aria Doherty Huffing Death & Helicopter Parenting


The Doctors: Aria Doherty Huffing Death

The Doctors: Aria Doherty Huffing Death & Helicopter Parenting

The Doctors discussed the dangerous teen trend of huffing and why helicopter parenting could be harmful to children.

The Doctors shared important information on a deadly teen trend that all parents should be aware of: huffing. They were joined by former criminal prosecutor Lonnie Coombs, as well as Richard and Carolyn Doherty, whose daughter lost her life to this dangerous trend.


14-year-old Aria Doherty was an excellent student who dreamed of becoming a surgeon. In an instant, her life was taken in a way that her parents never expected. After her parents had been away at a parent-teacher meeting, Aria’s body was discovered by her older sister. She was found with a can of inhalent and tape over her nose. The cause of death was later declared to be instant cardiac arrest.

Richard and Caroline knew about huffing, but not enough to ever approach their daughter about it. Like many parents, Richard worried more about alcohol and drugs. “I had absolutely no idea how toxic [huffing] was,” he admitted.

Unfortunately, the internet is flooded with huffing videos that make the activity look harmless. However, Aria’s story proves that even just one time can be the difference between life and death. “You need to go on the internet yourselves and educate yourselves,” Lonnie advised parents. Learn more about this life-threatening phenomenon in the video below. Will you talk to your kids about huffing?


The Drs: Helicopter Parenting

The Doctors later discussed helicopter parenting, which is when a parent is too protective of his or her child. Tiffany, a Doctors viewer, is a concerned mom who doesn’t allow her son to go on play dates, play outside or do anything else that could involve germs. Her son, Owen, gets sick often, and Tiffany constantly worries about exposing him to dangers.

The Doctors explained that there should be a happy medium in parenting where your child feels safe and protected, yet still has the freedom to explore the world around him. “You’ve got to find a balance between being too overprotective and letting him be exposed and experience things that will help him grow,” Dr. Jim Sears said. As Dr. Lisa Masterson pointed out, it’s also a social issue. It’s important that children interact with other children and adults outside of their own family.

Lonnie Coombs: You’re Perfect Book Review

Lonnie has written a book on parenting called You’re Perfect and Other Lies That Parents Tell. She advised that Tiffany avoid stressing about her son’s safety, because children can pick up on stress internalize it themselves. In turn, this could actually make children’s immune systems weaker. Instead, Tiffany can write her fears in a journal.


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