The Doctors: 27-Year-Old Man Hasn’t Hit Puberty & Kallmann Syndrome


The Doctors: 27-Year-Old Brandon Hasn’t Hit Puberty

The Doctors are no strangers to bizarre and personal medical problems, and “TMI” Tuesday was no different. Backstage, a lab was set up so that even the most embarrassing medical mysteries could be solved. The Doctors also welcomed Brandon, who at nearly 27-years-old, has yet to hit puberty.

At 6’3″ Brandon is extremely tall, but has very little arm or leg hair, no facial hair and has had no change in voice. Despite being large, his characteristics appear more like those of a 12-year-old. Brandon’s appearance has affected everything from his career to his dating life. “I don’t look like a guy, and I don’t feel like it physically,” he said.


Brandon visited urologist Dr. Aaron Spitz to hopefully find a solution to this bizarre problem. Dr. Spitz concurred that Brandon is underdeveloped and hasn’t gone through normal puberty changes. Brandon’s testosterone and hormone levels were tested and he underwent an MRI. Later, he joined Dr. Travis Stork to discuss his results.

The Drs: How Pituitary Gland Affects Puberty

First, Dr. Travis applauded Brandon’s courage to discuss this embarrassing issue in such a public manner. Luckily, a solution to his problem was found. Dr. Spitz explained that Brandon is not only underdeveloped as a man, but also lacks a sense of smell. This is a big warning sign that there is something wrong with the pituitary gland.

The Doctors: 27-Year-Old Man Hasn't Hit Puberty & Kallmann Syndrome

Brandon, a 27-year-old man who hasn’t gone through puberty, received help on The Doctors.


FSH and LH are two hormones that surge from the pituitary gland during puberty. In Brandon’s case, these hormone levels were so low, they were almost undetectable. Further, his testosterone levels were only 5% of what they normally should be. This is a genetic problem that began in the womb. As Brandon’s body began to develop, something went wrong in his brain, affecting the areas for growth, smell and hormonal changes.

The Doctors: Kallmann Syndrome

Kallmann syndrome is a fairly common problem that affects the process of puberty. However, just to be safe, doctors completed an MRI on Brandon to rule out the possibility of a tumor on the pituitary gland. It was found that Brandon has a benign lesion, or non-cancerous tumor, on his brain. This is also why he has no sense of smell.

Everything from Brandon’s development to his bones have been affected by his low hormone levels. The good news is that there is a treatment available, and it’s a lot easier than one might think. Testosterone can be taken in a variety of ways, including topical treatments. Dr. Spitz set Brandon up with a great doctor in his home state, and in no time, Brandon should be on his way towards living a normal, adult life.




  1. abdu ali says

    Now I am 24. My problem is related with brandons.I don not show puberty,that I have small penis and small and small tests and with no development of breast.I have weak muscular development and no facial hair

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