Mayim Bialik Beyond the Sling Review & Breastfeeding on The Doctors


The Doctors: Mayim Bialik

Mayim Bialik is an actress perhaps best known for her roles as Amy Fowler on the CBS sitcom, The Big Bang Theory, and Blossom Russo on Blossom. She’s actually been acting for years. She got her start as a child acting in movies like Pumpkinhead and Beaches. When she grew up, she took a break from acting to get married and start a family and to pursue a PhD in neuroscience. Mayim Bialik came on The Doctors to discuss her life as a mother.

Mayim Bialik The Doctors

Mayim Bialik talks to The Doctors about her breast feeding controversy and her parenting book Beyond The Sling (s_bukley /


Mayim Bialik: Breastfeeding Controversy

There was a breast feeding controversy hanging over Mayim Bialik’s visit to The Doctors, so they tackles that right away. She still breast feeds her son who is 3 years old. She says her reasoning is that there is no evidence that stopping breast feeding at 6 months is beneficial for the child and that there are nutritional and neurological advantages to continuing to breast feed. She has two children. Neither ate solids until after being a year old. She says that you need to figure out what to do for each specific child. This fits with what she claims was the best advice she received about raising children. Which is that there is no manual. The baby is the manual. Listen to the baby. She got this advice from The Baby Book.

The Doctors: Beyond The Sling Review

Mayim Bialik is also an author. She wrote a parenting book titled Beyond The Sling that details her parenting style. She claims the purpose is not necessarily to be a parenting guide, but that because her style of parenting is often derided, she wanted to write about it and how it works for her. She says she doesn’t judge other parenting styles, but the book just describes what has worked for her family.

She also wanted to point out the neuroscience behind why children are needy. They are primed to be close to you.



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