Eating Placenta Pills & Build a Nightclub in Basements: The Doctors


How to Build a Nightclub in Your Basement

The Doctors kicked off their Mother’s Day Special with a stories about parents who built a nightclub in their basement for their children, eat placenta in the form of placenta pills and a flight attendant helping to deliver a baby. The parents who built the basement nightclub did so because they were worried about what their children, aged 16 and 12, would get up to going out dancing all night. So they spent over $1 million in order to make sure that their kids could have their fun, but that they would be safe while having it. They would rather their children party under their supervision than without it. The basement nightclub boasts a fully illuminated dance floor and a DJ booth.

The Doctors Eating Placenta

The Doctors warn against eating placenta and a flight attendant helps deliver a baby


The Doctors: Is Eating Placenta Healthy Or Unhealthy?

AMC’s Mad Men star January Jones recently came out and said that she took placenta pills since she gave birth and claims it helped her bounce back. This has caused a bit of stir, causing The Doctors to ask, “Is eating placenta healthy or unhealthy?”

The Doctors: Placenta Pills

There are actually a variety of different ways to eat placenta because eating placenta is a growing trend among new moms in America. There’s the aforementioned placenta pills, placenta jerky, raw placenta, etc. But it is important to know that there is no evidence of any health benefits to eating placenta. Hospitals consider the placenta a bio-hazard. Eating placenta may actually be harmful to your health.

Since we really don’t know if eating placenta is healthy or unhealthy, it’s probably just best to err on the side of caution and stay away.


The Doctors: Flight Attendant Delivers a Baby

On a flight from Africa to Atlanta a woman went into labor in her seat. Fortunately there was an OBGYN on board to actually deliver the baby as a flight attendant assisted him. The flight attendant noticed something wrong with passenger and it looked like she was in labor, so the flight attendant asked if she was pregnant and the passenger confirmed. The flight attendant asked if she felt like her water was about to break and the passenger said that it already did.

So they gathered materials on the plane, such as a pair of scissors sterilized in vodka, and set up a delivery room in row 37. And a baby was born over the Atlantic.



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