Drs: Young Boy’s Eye Accidentally Glued Shut + Trust Your Gut


The Doctors: Grandmother Hired Hitman Over Lice?

The Doctors shared the news of a grandmother out of Florida who was arrested last month, charged with conspiracy to commit murder. Why? Because she allegedly hired a hit man to kill her daughter’s boyfriend after, according to her, he gave her grandchildren lice. While it’s not excuse, we are all becoming more scared of lice, especially now that 25 states have reported cases of “super lice” that are very hard to get rid of. Dr Jen Berman’s family dealt with that strain of louse, and said the only thing that got rid of them was high intensity heat. It should be known that lice has nothing to do with hygiene.

Have you dealt with lice in your own home?


The Doctors: Child’s Eye Accidentally Glued Shut

The Doctors: Young Boy's Eye Accidentally Glued Shut

The Doctors shared the shocking story of a 3-year-old boy who’s eye was accidentally glued shut after a trip to a medical clinic. (audiinsperation / Flickr)


The Doctors then shared news of a Canadian clinic who has received some backlash after a terrifying incident involving a 3-year-old boy. The boy was taken to the clinic by his mother after being scratched in the eyelid by the family cat. The mother described her son being held still while the office receptionist tried to use medical glue on the scratch, only to miss and glue his eyelid shut. First of all, why was the receptionist the one taking care of the little boy, and second, how did this happen?

Julia, the mother, joined the show over the phone and shared that her son is doing well. Julia said she was scared and mad, and didn’t know what to do. The doctor tried to help the boy open his eye and got so frustrated that he began to swear, so she knew at that point they “were in trouble.” The Doctors explained that petroleum jelly is much more effective at breaking the glue bond. Dr Jenn Mann said all parents need to trust their gut and speak up when something doesn’t feel right. The clinic refused to make a statement but has said publicly the doctor was holding the boy down while the receptionist applied the glue and the boy suddenly moved.

Have you ever experienced a similar medical mishap with you or your children?


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