Drs: Would You Rather Kids Drink Alcohol Or Smoke Marijuana?


The Drs: Alcohol Vs Marijuana

Are you more worried about your teenager drinking or trying marijuana? Because marijuana is increasingly available, many parents are now more worried than ever before. Because kids are bound to experiment with drugs or alcohol at some point during their young lives, The Doctors wondered whether one was more dangerous than the other.

Drs: Would You Rather Kids Drink Alcohol Or Smoke Marijuana?

If you had to choose one, would you rather your teens drink alcohol or smoke marijuana? It’s a tough question to answer! ([email protected] / flickr)


Alcohol continues to be the most used and abused drug among youth in the U.S., killing close to 5,000 people under the age of 21 each year. But now marijuana use among kids is on the rise and research is proving long-term developmental effects in children and young adults who smoke. So which one is worse for a child?

The Doctors asked their viewers on Twitter if they had to choose, would they rather their kids drink alcohol or smoke marijuana. Approximately 57% said they would rather their kids drink than use marijuana.

The Drs: Which Is Worse For Kids?

The Doctors explained that you really don’t want you kids to do either one. Marijuana is still illegal in most states and is completely unregulated. If your child is caught with marijuana, the consequences are much worse than if they were to be caught with alcohol as an underage drinker. Marijuana has been associated with lower academic achievement and has been linked to less success in some children later in life.


However, a Swedish study tracked more than 45,000 people for 15 years, found no increase in mortality for those who use marijuana. Alcohol is a factor in 40% of all violent crimes in the U.S., including 27% of aggravated assaults. Having a blood alcohol of at least 0.05% increases the odds of a crash by 575%. But moderate use can be associated with lower rates of heart disease.

The Drs: Dangers Of Alcohol & Marijuana Use In Children

Dr Rachael Ross pointed out the increase in erratic behavior as well as psychosis with marijuana use, and said in her opinion, marijuana would be worse on the brain development of a teenager. But chronic use of alcohol can lead to the same problems. Obviously with both comes the ability to use them only moderately or sparingly, which is different than true abuse.

It goes without saying that neither is the best option. What’s your opinion? If you had to choose, which would you rather your children use, alcohol or marijuana?


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