The Drs: Viral Videos, Brutally Honest Kid + Self Breast Exams


The Drs: Insults From A 4-Year-Old

The Drs: Viral Videos, Brutally Honest Kid + Self Breast Exams

The Doctors shared two different viral videos, one of which showed a 4-year-old hurling hilarious brutally honest insults at her mom. (Geo Martinez /

The Doctors kicked off their show by showing a video called “Ways In Which My 4-Year-Old Has Insulted Me” that shows a mother with a camera strapped to her head, getting seemingly innocent insults thrown at her by her daughter.


“You have a lot of hairs on your face. Is that a mustache or a beard?” The little girl asks her mom. “Your breath smells like a fart.”

The Drs: Brutally Honest Kid

The creator of the video, mother Johanna Stein, joined the show and shared that her daughter hurled her first insult when she was 3 years old. She was taking her out of the bathtub when her daughter grabbed her face and whispered into her ear, “I love daddy just a little more than I love you.”

She said from there on, until her daughter was about 5 years old, she just kept writing down the things her daughter was saying, and it turned into a chapter in her book How Not To Calm A Child On A Plane. Dr Jim Sears said it’s important to remember that kids aren’t purposefully insulting you, they’re just being brutally honest. He said you can start to help your kids understand that what they’re saying may not be the nicest thing.


The Drs: Hilarious Airplane Parenting Story

Johanna shared a story from when her daughter was about a year old. She and her husband were taking her on her first airplane trip and she was freaking out. She didn’t know how to calm her down, so she pulled an airsickness bag out, drew a face on it with a crayon, and used it as a puppet. It worked to calm her down, so she thought she could add another puppet to turn it into a bit of a show. She reached her hand inside the second bag only to realize that it had been used before.

The Drs: Video Promoting Self Breast Exams

The Doctors then shared another viral video of a woman wearing a bra fitted with a hidden camera. The hidden message of the video is to promote self breast exams, but the video shows how many times the woman had someone look at her chest in one day. The toll hit 38!

Dr Rachael Ross said the message is that people check your breasts out every day, so you should check your breasts out periodically as well too, meaning a self breast exam. Dr Ross said 40% of all breast lumps are found by the patient during a self exam. Dr Travis Stork said your partner will be more than happy to help you. He then shared that homo-sapiens are the only ones attracted to breasts, because no other animal is.

Dr Sears said there was a study that showed when men are confronted with images of breasts, they start making bad decisions.


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