Drs: Update After Years Of Infertility + Desserts Good For You

The Doctors: Happy Ending After Infertility Struggle

The Doctors had previously introduced Alexis and Gabe, a couple who had been trying to have a baby since their wedding day. They suffered two miscarriages, one insemination, and two rounds of IVF, but in two years they still haven’t been able to have a baby. Alexis was told that things are difficult for them because her eggs are like those of a 45-year-old woman. They were devastated to learn that there was a small chance that they could ever have a baby. They began seeing a different doctor but were still unsuccessful. They also learned that their fertility issues could also be related to male factor, making things even more difficult. A potential adoption also fell through just one day before they were to become parents, but they still refused to give up. Alexis and Gave were thrilled to join the show with an update.

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