The Drs TV: Grace’s Lamp & Man with Prosthetic Legs Helps Children


The Doctors: Man Gets New Prosthetic Legs

The Doctors caught up with Joey, the man they helped out with a new set of prosthetic legs. If you haven’t been following his story, here’s a quick recap. His mother one day felt compelled to go to an orphanage in Romania, where she met Joey for the first time. Joey had five inch long legs and club feet, because his mother took a medicine that made his legs not grow all the way. After adopting Joey, his mother was able to get him hooked up with prosthetic legs, but over time, he grew too big for them.

The Drs TV: Grace's Lamp & Man with Prosthetic Legs Helps Children

The Doctors heard about past guest Joey’s charity to help children get prosthetic limbs, called Grace’s Lamp.


Even though he was an adult, he was still wearing a kid-size prosthetic legs. His insurance wouldn’t cover new legs, so he started selling donuts at a table outside of stores to raise money for his new legs. He was able to raise $30,000 this way, but new legs cost $120,000. The Doctors were able to make Joey a new pair of prosthetic legs. Now, Joey has come back to the show to update The Doctors on his life.

The Drs TV: Joey’s Charity For Children

Joey said his life has changed completely since getting the new legs. He even went skiing. He met a girl since being on the show and they showed pictures of the two of them together.

Joey’s mom, Chrystal, said it was a privilege to be his mom. Joey said that he started a charity recently to help children get prosthetic legs or prosthetic arms, because he said it didn’t make sense to him that insurance wouldn’t cover it. He said that it’s necessary to have legs or arms to be able to keep living on with life.


The Doctors: Grace’s Lamp Charity

His charity is called Grace’s Lamp. He said they helped a little boy from Europe get adopted and come to the United States and that they’re helping a young girl named Nancy from Kenya who lost her leg below the knee. The charity is going to fly her over to the United States for a month to get fitted for a prosthetic leg. “We’ve only been in existence over a year and it’s nice to already be giving out funds and helping people,” Joey said.


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