The Drs: Surgery To Save Baby Born With Esophageal Atresia


The Drs: Cards Against Humanity Sells Bull Feces

The Doctors took a closer look at one black Friday sale that was literally “a load of crap.” Game company Cards Against Humanity celebrated black Friday by selling bull dung in boxes labeled with a more vulgar term for the waste. The “game” was sold for just $6 and people actually bought it.

The board game box was literally filled with bull feces, and the company sold $30,000 of them within hours. The feces was supposedly pasteurized, had no odor, and was safe to handle. Dr Jennifer Ashton said it goes to show you that people in this country will buy anything. Dr Travis Stork wanted to know if it was a funny hoax or actual consumer fraud, and The Doctors said “probably both.”


The Drs: Surgery To Save Baby Born With Esophageal Atresia

The Doctors shared the incredible story of the baby who was born with esophageal atresia and had to undergo surgery to repair it. (SiberianLena /

The Drs: Esophageal Atresia Birth Defect

The Doctors then moved on to talk about Nick and Emily who were high school sweethearts who eventually got married and pregnant soon thereafter. They wanted to surprise everyone in their family by pretending that they were taking a family photo, and then, while the camera was rolling, held up paddles that said “we’re pregnant!” Their reaction was priceless.

At about 22 weeks, the happy couple went in for an ultrasound, and realized that they couldn’t see the baby’s stomach. They were told that it could be esophageal atresia, which is a rare birth defect in which a baby is born without part of their esophagus. They were sent to a specialist and were told they had a two-week period where they could choose to terminate the pregnancy, because they wouldn’t know until the baby was born what sort of condition it would be in.


The Drs: The Foker Process

Emily took to the internet to do some research on esophageal atresia and Boston’s Children’s Hospital is the first thing that popped up. The hospital offers a highly advanced surgical technique for the birth defect called The Foker Process. They packed up their lives and left two days later. They had a gender reveal party at their friend’s house that they were staying at. Nick shared that he thought all the way until that point that they were having a boy, but when they cut into the cake they saw that it was pink.

Five days later, Emily went into labor six weeks early. They tried natural labor for 15 hours, but the baby’s heart rate kept dropping, so she had to undergo an emergency C-section. The first time she opened her eyes, she looked right at her dad, and Nick immediately fell in love. The Doctors knew after hearing the crying and screaming the baby was doing that she was going to be a little fighter.

The Drs: Surgery To Save Baby With Esophageal Atresia

Baby Everly arrived weighing four pounds, two ounces and was deemed too fragile to survive anesthesia. The family had to wait two months in Boston for surgery while their baby girl survived on a feeding tube a lot of prayers.

Dr Russel “Rusty” Jennings, a pediatric surgeon and director of the Esophageal and Airway Treatment Center, explained that they had to gently pull on the ends of the esophagus to encourage growth. She was eight pounds when she went into surgery and was 14 pounds when she came out because her body was retaining so much water and working so hard to heal herself. She was induced into a coma and was basically on life support. One day Emily even saw tears coming out of her baby’s eyes, and was told that her daughter could still feel, which was incredibly hard to deal with.

Everly’s esophagus grew in about a week and a half, so the surgeons had to go back in and connect the two ends. They had to help their daughter basically go through withdrawals from all the drugs she was on, which again was hard to watch.

The Drs: Baby Thriving After Difficult Surgery

The Doctors then shared that Everly’s surgery was a success and they welcomed Nick, Emily, and Everly to the show. The Doctors shared that Nick is a producer on their show, so it’s personal for them. Nick said if you just met Everly today, you would have no idea what all she’s been through, given how great she looks now. Emily said Everly is crawling, eating solids, and just said “Mom” for the first time last week.

The Drs: Boston’s Children’s Hospital

The Doctors welcomed Dr Rusty Jennings, and Dr Ashton said what he did was incredible given that there are probably less than 10 people in our country who could have performed the surgery that he did. Dr Jennings shared that there are about 120 types of esophageal atresia and Everly had the most severe type. They’ve repaired over 60 cases like hers at Boston’s Children’s Hospital. He explained that in The Foker Process, they place tiny sutures in the esophagus through a two-inch incision in the back, and then grow each end of the esophagus over time until they finally come together.

It takes a highly trained team, but by using the team, they have a success rate of over 96%. Dr Jennings said her esophagus will be almost completely normal as she grows up. Emily said they wanted to thank Boston’s Children’s Hospital and the team, saying that because of them, Everly can live the life she deserves.


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