The Drs: Struggling With Infertility + Male Factor & Losing Weight


The Doctors: Less Attracted After Vacation

The Drs: Struggling With Infertility + Male Factor & Losing Weight

The Doctors got an update from two couple desperate to have a baby and learned how male factor and weight could contribute to the problem. (Alexander Raths /


The Doctors revealed that a new study found that more often than not, women come home from a vacation needing a vacation from their partner. According to a poll in England, a third of women admit they are less attracted to their partners after taking a vacation with them, revealing they would much rather take a girls’ trip. Dr Jim Sears said a lot of times the women complain that their partners drank too much or were looking at other women.

Dr Travis Stork said he thinks it’s coming from boredom more than anything else, because you’re spending 24/7 with each other. Dr Jennifer Ashton said for busy couples, that’s the only time that they truly have to themselves. Dr Sears also said that the study showed that if the vacation was one in the sun, women were more likely to be attracted to their partners.

The Drs TV: Update On Couple Trying To Conceive

The Doctors then moved along to share an update on the couples that were on the show earlier in the season to talk about their struggles with infertility. Last time they talked to Alexis and Gabe, they were about to start their third round of IVF. Alexis shared that since the show, they’ve been trying to improve her egg quality, and they decided to see a new doctor.


After the egg retrieval, Alexis shared that they got 15 good eggs and eight of them fertilized. They then shared that their doctor called and told them none of the embryos turned into blastocysts, and without blastocysts, they couldn’t do a transfer.

The Doctors: Desperate To Have A Baby

Alexis and Gabe joined The Doctors and shared that they recently got the news that male factor could be contributing to their infertility, which is something that can be fixed. They’re also proceeding with adoption while continuing to try to get pregnant biologically. Alexis said they never thought they wouldn’t be parents, she just wants to know how much pain they have to endure in the process.

They also shared that a birth mother reached out to them because of her blog, and they even went to a doctor’s appointment. She told them they could adopt her baby, but then went back and forth a bunch of times, until eventually the option was just taken away from them. She said the adoption process is just as painful as the biological process.

The Drs TV: Causes Of Male Infertility + Prenatal Vitamins For Men

Dr Paul Turkey, a urologist and reproductive micro-surgeon, shared that he did a full exam on Gabe and found that he has dilated veins in the scrotum that are similar to varicose veins. They can heat up the testicle and cause a problem with sperm health as well as fertility and miscarriage. They also found that Gabe needed antioxidants in his system. He shared that men who take a prenatal vitamin have wives with higher fertility rates and fewer miscarriages.

Alexis and Gabe are considering a surgery that would correct Gabe’s condition, but they’re also still looking at adoption. Alexis said they’re confident they will be back on the show letting The Doctors meet their baby.

The Doctors: Losing Weight To Improve Fertility

Another couple that was on the show earlier in the season sharing their struggle with infertility had an update as well. Sunsarae and Eric had shared that Sunsarae was diagnosed with PCOS, but the couple hadn’t yet tried IVF. The couple joined The Doctors via Polycom and shared that they got motivated to lose weight and they joined a weight loss program. Sunsarae has lost 35 pounds in nine weeks, and Eric has lost 45.

Dr Ashton said there’s been a lot of data that women who are overweight or obese and suffering with infertility issues dramatically improved their success of getting pregnant and having a healthy pregnancy if they lost weight. The Doctors shared that a doctor at a fertility clinic has offered to meet with them for free to help them continue their journey to have a baby.


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