Drs: Rescue Caught On Video + Having Deceased Daughter’s Baby?


The Drs: Video Taken During Car Crash Rescue

The Doctors shared an incredible video of a man named Andrew who crashed his car into a pole and then proceeded to film a selfie video. Rescuers had to use the jaws of life to pull him from the mangled car and Andrew caught it all on video with his phone. He was successfully rescued but had to spend a month in the hospital. He’s now back home and recovering, but is this taking the selfie trend too far?


Drs: Rescue Caught On Video + Having Deceased Daughter's Baby?

The Doctors talked about the mother who wants to have her deceased daughter’s baby. (readyforthegoodtimes / flickr)

Dr Travis Stork said the rescuers wanted Andrew to stay awake while they tried to get him out, so they said if he wanted to film himself, “Go for it!” Dr Jennifer Ashton said it’s the “modern day age distraction” that kept him from panicking. Dr Stork said you don’t know how severe your injuries are and a video like that could be a way to say goodbye.

It’s important to know that if you’re in a situation like this and a selfie would hinder your ability to survive, don’t do it because it’s not worth it.


The Drs: Mother Wants To Have Deceased Daughter’s Baby

The Doctors then shared that losing a child is quite easily the hardest thing a mother could face. There’s one mother who is trying to honor her deceased daughter’s wishes, and many are wondering if she’s taking the grieving process too far. A 59-year-old woman in the U.K. is fighting to give birth to the baby of her deceased daughter’s baby. Her daughter died of bowel cancer four years ago and reportedly said it was her dying wish for her mom to have her baby using her frozen eggs.

No clinic in the U.K. has agreed to implant the woman, but she is hoping to export the eggs to New York so that she can have the procedure in the U.S.

The Drs: Dying Daughter’s Wish For Mom To Carry Baby

Dr Jennifer Ashton said she supported the woman because she didn’t see anything wrong with it. There are elevated risks because of her age, but she’s not even close to the oldest person on record. Dr Stork said the mother should have documented her daughter’s dying wish, because that would probably make it easier. Dr Jennifer Berman said the fact that she froze some eggs shows that she wanted to have kids. Documentation is the important thing.

Do you support the woman’s wish to have her daughter’s baby?


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