The Drs: Parents Hiring Drug-Sniffing Dogs + CEO Dental Makeover


The Doctors: Dog-Sniffing Drugs In Your House

One company’s billboard displaying their unique services has stirred up a bit of controversy. The giant billboard reads “Worried parent? Kids using drugs? Our dogs find drugs! Only $99.”

More and more parents are actually calling the company, hoping to have them come and search their homes, out of fear their own children are doing drugs. The Doctors spoke to the founder of the company,  Michael. Michael explained that his company isn’t law enforcement and isn’t police, which means everything remains confidential “no questions asked.”


Michael further explained that they consider themselves a counter-terrorism program because the war on drugs has become an epidemic. He believes his company offers a proactive approach to defeat drug users. He stated that for $99 you can “protect the future of your child.”

The Drs: Parents Hiring Drug-Sniffing Dogs + CEO Dental Makeover

Would you hire a drug-sniffing dog to find out if your child is using drugs, i it meant avoiding a police confrontation? (westmidlandspolice / Flickr)


Narcotics are located using narcotic detection dogs that come into the home, and then they sit down with the parents and the child. The narcotics are placed inside a legal disposal bag and then taken to the police. If the child is an addict or is selling drugs, the company can offer parents advice on where to go from there. They’re hoping to “clean up the streets without putting kids in jail.”

The Doctors: Company Offers Safe In-Home Drug Searches

His company has sat down with all local law enforcement departments where they have their services and 50% actually support them. The officers that make up the 50% are made aware of drugs that are coming their way, but not where they’re coming from. As for the other 50% department, Michael wants their support, saying if they want to charge him, he’d rather be charged while saving a child’s life.

The Doctors: Book Highlights Parenting Fails

Moving on, The Doctors discussed the recent trend of parents revealing their fails, to form a sense of community for all those “not perfect” parents. Mary Ann Zoellner and Alicia Ybarbo recently wrote a book with a “saucy title” in hopes of spreading an important message. Their message is that everyone has parenting fails and you can either laugh about them or cry about them. They choose to laugh and share them with others.

Do you have any funny parenting fails to share?

The Doctors: Food Bank CEO With Rotting Teeth

Next, The Doctors introduced Bonnie, who has dedicated her life to helping others and ensuring that 80,000 people don’t go hungry each month. But about 15 years ago, she began noticing a difference in her smile. Her teeth have been deteriorating and now it’s all she can think about. She can no longer smile in a picture, and tries to hide her teeth as much as possible. She is president and CEO of Food Share, a regional food bank.

The Doctors: Dental Makeover For President Of Food Bank

Bonnie met with Dr Joe Willardsen and his brother Dr John Willardsen, knowing that she needed two surgeries to fix her teeth. She went in for a simple consultation, not knowing they would surprise her with the two procedures she needed to fix her smile. They had to remove almost all of her bottom teeth and replace them with an implant. They then reshaped her upper teeth and used splints to allow them to use porcelain veneers, creating Bonnie’s smile. Bonnie was absolutely overwhelmed upon seeing her new smile for the first time.

She joined the show to reveal her incredible smile transformation. The difference was truly remarkable. It’s no surprise at all that Bonnie just can’t stop smiling! Her husband Rich was overjoyed seeing how happy his wife finally was, and they were so thankful to Dr Joe and Dr John. The Doctors then surprised Bonnie by sharing that Save-A-Lot donated $10,000 worth of groceries to her food bank!


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