The Drs: Obese & Pregnant Risks + Essential Oils Issue At Daycare


The Doctors: Obese Pregnant Women & Fetuses

More than half of pregnant women are overweight or obese, which means their babies face several potential health risks. There’s a new hormone pill that can reportedly help stop the harmful effects of obesity in the womb. Dr Jennifer Ashton explained that there is a lot of evidence that supports that if a pregnant woman is carrying a girl fetus, those fetal eggs are exposed to an obesogenic environment in-utero, which will later affect her offspring. That’s two generations that can be affected. It’s not only about genetics, but also about changing the environment that affects the fetus.


As an OB/GYN, Dr Ashton explained that she never talks about the “social” without the “medical” and said there’s already enough guilt and pressure put on pregnant women. She doesn’t want to do anything that would increase stress and pressure but it’s important for women to understand that the appropriate amount of pregnancy weight gain is determined based on the woman’s pre-pregnancy weight. A woman at a normal weight, is recommended to gain no more than 20-30 pounds during her pregnancy, but a woman who is obese shouldn’t gain any more than 10.

The Drs: Obese & Pregnant Risks + Essential Oils Issue At Daycare

The Doctors explained the impact of obesity on fetuses and how to be sure babies are growing to be as healthy as possible in utero. (alphaone / Flickr)

It’s most important to talk to your doctor to figure out what’s best for you individually.


The Doctors: Photos Of Pregnant Teen Banned From Yearbook

There’s a set of baby bump selfies from 17-year-old Hannah who lives in Alexandria, Virginia. Hannah is fighting to have the pictures included in her high school yearbook. Hannah explained that she didn’t actually choose the pictures herself, but instead they were chosen because the yearbook staff wanted to show “the real life of the school.” She submitted pictures of her with her son, because he had actually already been born. They wanted to use pictures of her belly instead. The school then said the pictures couldn’t be used.

Tracy, Hannah’s mom, explained that Hannah saw the pictures as a way to share her story and make other young moms feel like they aren’t alone. Tracy pointed out that Hannah has continued to pursue her education despite being a mom, and wanted to show that it was possible. When the school responded, they said the principal was willing to have the photos and quotes published as long as the students and their families provide written permission. Sounds like that could be the solution!

Hannah is determined to become a pediatric surgeon, and The Doctors applauded her ambition! So where do you stand? Should there have ever been controversy surrounding the photos?

The Doctors: Crying At The Gym? + Nasal Tampons

Next, The Doctors showed a picture Adele shared on Instagram of her working out to prepare for an upcoming tour. The picture jokingly shows Adele crying while exercising. Dr Ashton said Adele probably wasn’t even crying at all, but instead was making the face because she was lifting such heavy weight!

They then showed a picture of Demi Lovato who plugged her nose with tampons while playing in the snow, to combat a runny nose. Dr Travis Stork said it was a terrible idea on so many levels, not only because it looks bad, but also because your nose is running for a reason!

The Doctors: Bad Reaction To Essential Oils At Daycare

When first responders visited an Idaho daycare for what they initially thought was a carbon monoxide scare, they ended up finding something even more surprising. During nap time, the children began showing strange symptoms like dilated pupils and the teachers began experiencing headaches and nausea. A carbon monoxide level check found nothing but firefighters discovered essential oils. The manager had said the oils were used to help with viruses and smells in the classroom, but the cinnamon aroma could have caused negative reactions.

Dr Jim Sears explained that a lot of parents are asking him about essential oils, but wanted everyone to know that they’re strong and potentially lethal. When you use a diffuser, only a couple drops are required, so people can easily overdo it. The Doctors said, more than likely, the kids simply reacted to an irritant, as opposed to experiencing severe reactions


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