Drs: Munchausen Syndrome By Proxy + Hirschsprung’s Disease


The Doctors: Mommy Blogger Purposefully Making Child Sick

The Doctors shared a disturbing news story of a popular Australian mommy blogger who was charged with injecting her 9-year-old daughter with urine and poisoning her with laxatives. Doctors were concerned about the child who made regular visits to the hospital because of a genetic illness, when they discovered yeast and fungus growing in one of the child’s IV lines and a rash consistent with laxative abuse. Allegedly, vials of urine, syringes and laxatives were found in the mom’s handbag.


It goes by many names, but what the mom was doing is commonly known as Munchausen syndrome by proxy. Dr Stacy Kaiser joined The Doctors, explaining that Munchausen syndrome by proxy is when a parent, typically the mom, does something to keep their child sick, and it’s a mental disorder with the underlying reason being to get attention. It’s child abuse, because parents are inflicting illness upon their children for their own personal gain.

Drs: Munchausen Syndrome By Proxy + Blogger Making Child Sick

The Doctors shared news of a mommy blogger who was charged with child abuse after purposefully sickening her child for attention. (twid / Flickr)


The Doctors: Munchausen Syndrome By Proxy Signs

It can be incredibly difficult for doctors to diagnose and figure out what’s wrong with the children. A mommy blogger often uses their children in their blogs, and mentally ill people become copycats, thinking they could get attention from an ill child. If you’re suspicious of a friend or family member, look for someone who’s kid is constantly sick and the parent is constantly seeking attention and sympathy. Often times the kids are young but have no idea what’s happening to them.

It can be incredibly emotionally traumatic for the child to find out their own parent has been hurting them.

The Doctors: Viral Dancing Star

The Doctors then reminded everyone of 7-year-old Johanna, who’s dance recital video got more than 53 million views on Facebook. She’s become an internet sensation, but her family has been struggling with a health issue no one knew about. Johanna has been talked about on all kinds of TV shows including The View, but while Johanna has been getting all the attention, it’s her brother CJ who’s been having belly problems. When CJ was born he was diagnosed with Hirschsprung’s Disease.

Since he was born, CJ has had over 40 surgeries and procedures, including removing parts of his intestines. It takes him about an hour to go to the bathroom every night.

The Doctors: What Is Hirschsprung’s Disease?

The Doctors explained that with Hirschsprung’s Disease, it’s a congenital condition where the nerve cells don’t develop properly for the colon, which means babies are unable to pass stool. For CJ it’s meant four years of hospital visits, surgeries, and procedures. Elissa had to leave her job to be able to stay home with CJ, and Johanna struggles to see her brother having a hard time so often.

Despite everything, CJ and Johanna love each other and take good care of each other. They so clearly love each other! Johanna then surprised the audience with a dance to really put a smile on her brother’s face, as well as everyone else. The Doctors then surprised the entire family with a trip to Disney Land!


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