Drs: Monitoring Kids’ Online Activity + Alcoholism & Fatty Tumors


The Doctors: Keeping Children Safe Online

Approximately 93% of teens between the age of 12 and 17 in the United States are familiar with the internet. Technology and the internet has certainly made lives easier, but it’s also allowed kids to push boundaries and engage in dangerous behavior. Programs like Bark can help monitor your child’s online activities and alert parents of any potential signs of danger. One dad received an alert after his 17-year-old daughter sent a message on Twitter that read “Ya we will be there after we r picking up some bud.”


That dad joined The Doctors on the phone, but they protected his identity. He explained that became a Bark subscriber to protect his kids from others, but it wasn’t actually his intent to catch his kids in the act. When he first got the alert, he was concerned about his daughter but then he dreaded the difficult conversation he would have to have with his daughter. However, he was also grateful to have had it brought to his attention. Dr Andrew Ordon pointed out that the daughter knew she was being monitored. Dr Travis Stork also stressed that it’s not normal for a 13-year-old to engage in sexual behavior.

Drs: Monitoring Kids' Online Activity + Alcoholism & Fatty Tumors

The Doctors spoke with a dad who discovered his teen daughter’s drug use thanks to an internet monitoring program. (lizzardo / Flickr)

Do you think it’s right for parents to monitor their kids’ internet activity? Do you tend to think it’s more of an invasion of privacy?


The Doctors: Large Humps, Fatty Tumors From Alcoholism

The Doctors then moved on to share a picture of a woman who had been an alcoholic for 40 years. She developed a large hump on her back and other parts of her body. At first, doctors were confused but then diagnosed the woman with Madelung’s Disease which is primarily seen in male alcoholics. The disease causes fatty tumors or lipomas to appear on the back, shoulders, neck, or upper arms. Dr Ordon explained that they respond well to liposuction, which is often the treatment for the large tumors.

The Doctors: Intern Asleep On The Job Viral Photo

Dr Stork then asked the audience if anyone had ever struggled to keep their eyes open at work. He then shared the hilarious photo of a man named Eduard, sleeping in the middle of his internship. On day two of new job, Eduard fell asleep and all his fellow coworkers gathered around him to take a picture while he snoozed. The photo went viral, but the good news is that Eduard didn’t lose his job. He joined the show from Montreal, Canada via Skype.

Eduard explained that they let him sleep for about 25 minutes without waking him up, so when he woke up he saw the picture. People have now taken Eduard’s face and Photoshopped it into other picture, creating hilarious photos. Dr Rachael Ross pointed out that Eduard was accepted into a very prestigious internship, in which one one in twenty people get accepted. Eduard admitted that he has anemia and wasn’t taking the supplements that he should have been. While the fatigue wasn’t likely directly lately to his anemia, it certainly couldn’t help to take his iron supplement regularly.

At the end of the day, Eduard got a photo with the CEO!

The Doctors: Nurse Braved Blizzard To Care For Patients

On a different note, The Doctors then introduced Chantelle, after explaining that winter storm Jonas shut down practically the entire East coast and New York City with 30 inches of snow. But that massive amount of snow wasn’t enough to stop Chantelle from getting to work. The 32-year-old nurse walked for more than an hour, bracing strong winds, deep snow, and slippery ice, just to care for her elderly patients in the Bronx. Because she knew her colleagues would be trapped at home, Chantelle was determined to make the mile and a half journey. She ended up being the only nurse to show up for her shift that night.

The Doctors flew Chantelle out to the show, and as she joined them she received a standing ovation. She walked through snow up to her knees in order to be the one nurse to show up to care for 41 patients. Chantelle explained that because she knew no one else would likely show up, she made up her mind that she was going to make it, and that’s what kept her motivated. She planned ahead, staying at a friend’s house so that she could be closer to work.

The Doctors then surprised Chantelle with a video from her colleagues and patients who shared their gratitude for her actions. The President and CEO also acknowledged her dedication and commitment to her job. The Doctors then shocked Chantelle with an all-inclusive, luxury five-day, four-night trip for her, her daughter, and a guest to Beaches Resort in Jamaica. Caribbean Airlines also covered their flights to and from their vacation.


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