Drs: Moms Lose Custody Over Marijuana Tea & Bourbon In Bottle

The Doctors: Jealous Newlywed VS Waitress

The Doctors kicked off the show with a hot headline about a server in Ohio who got a nasty note from a newlywed couple, after the wife left a note on the receipt that said “He’s my husband! Find your own!” The woman also left no tip for the server, who, ironically, is a newlywed herself. The couple told the server they were on their honeymoon, and the server told her husband, who worked in the same restaurant, that she was trying to be nice and friendly. The woman who left the note was clearly jealous and probably insecure!

The server then took to Facebook to point out that her husband was much better looking and treated her to a cruise for her honeymoon rather than a restaurant. She then suggested the woman have more security in her relationship!

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