Drs: Moms Lose Custody Over Marijuana Tea & Bourbon In Bottle


The Doctors: Jealous Newlywed VS Waitress

The Doctors kicked off the show with a hot headline about a server in Ohio who got a nasty note from a newlywed couple, after the wife left a note on the receipt that said “He’s my husband! Find your own!” The woman also left no tip for the server, who, ironically, is a newlywed herself. The couple told the server they were on their honeymoon, and the server told her husband, who worked in the same restaurant, that she was trying to be nice and friendly. The woman who left the note was clearly jealous and probably insecure!

The server then took to Facebook to point out that her husband was much better looking and treated her to a cruise for her honeymoon rather than a restaurant. She then suggested the woman have more security in her relationship!


The Doctors: New Mom Lost Custody After Drinking Marijuana Tea

Drs: Moms Lose Custody Over Marijuana Tea & Bourbon In Bottle

The Doctors discussed the case of the mother who had her newborn taken from her after she drank marijuana tea during pregnancy. (marntzu / Flickr)

The Doctors then moved on to talk about a woman who drank marijuana tea while pregnant to allegedly curb her morning sickness and relieve sciatic pain. As a result, the woman lose custody of her newborn. The child services department recommended protected supervision because medical marijuana is illegal in Ohio, but the judge decided to have the baby removed from its mother’s custody. Dr Rachael Ross, who is pregnant, said she would never want to put her unborn child at risk by ingesting marijuana.


Dr Jennifer Ashton explained that cannabis during pregnancy has been connected to premature birth, low birth weight, small for gestational age infants, cognitive effects in the future, as well as behavioral problems. Marijuana is sed by as muchas 30% of women during pregnancy, which is a huge problem. The newborn’s stool tested positive for THC which is how the entire situation began.

Since the story came out, the newborn was placed back with its mother, and the woman is going through outpatient drug therapy.

The Doctors: Mom Arrested For Giving Baby Bourbon

Have you ever heard of rubbing a little whiskey on the gums of babies to help with teething? One Arkansas mother put bourbon in her 10-month-old baby boy’s bottle to relieve him of discomfort. The baby was found unresponsive and had to be airlifted to a nearby hospital. The baby’s blood alcohol level was .19! For a 20-pound baby, it takes just 1.8 ounces to get to a blood alcohol content of .19. Dr Ashton said all new mothers should learn basic child care before they leave the hospital.

The mom was charged with aggravated assault and child endangerment. The child was taken from the mother.

The Doctors: Wrong Woman Placed In Casket

The Doctors then moved on to share another hot headline about a family who found a total stranger lying in their mother’s casket. The 74-year-old woman died after a long battle with Alzheimer’s, but an employee at the funeral home allegedly tagged the wrong woman and the family ended up having to have a funeral service without their grandmother’s body to bury. They found out that the woman had been buried the day before, so they had to exhume her body to bury her again. The family was understandably overwhelmed.



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