Drs: Mom Defends Son Against Cruel Meme + Scabies From The Gym


The Doctors: Cruel Meme Made Of Boy With Genetic Condition

Pediatrician Dr Jim Sears joined The Doctors as they showed the photo of 4-year-old Jameson, who has a condition called Pfeiffer Syndrome which is a genetic disorder that prevents the skull from growing normally. It affects the shape of the head and face. Unfortunately, someone took Jameson’s picture and turned it into an unbelievably cruel online meme, comparing him to a pug. Jameson’s mom has been doing everything she possibly can to get rid of the meme, but it’s nearly impossible to get rid of them all.


The Doctors: Mom Fights Back Against Cruel Meme

Drs: Mom Defends Son Against Cruel Meme + Scabies From The Gym

The Doctors heard from a woman who came to her son’s defense after a cruel meme was shared online using his picture. (dickdotcom Flickr)

Aliceann, Jameson’s mom, joined the show and explained that she first experienced disbelief, and wanted to know why did it and why. She then turned sad before getting angry, saying she felt just about every emotion possible. Dr Sears explained that Jameson was born with the condition, but the good news is that Jameson has the most mild form, which means his intelligence and lifespan are normal. Dr Sears explained that we should actually look at Jameson as a hero, because he’s had to undergo grueling surgeries to allow his skull to open and let his brain grow.


As for how Aliceann helps her son cope with bullying, she explained that they are aware it’s going to happen, but he should stand up for himself and explain that it’s who he is. She also acknowledged that the more and better education there is, the more understanding there can be about the condition. Dr Jennifer Ashton reminded Aliceann that people’s cruelties are a reflection of them. Another positive note is that Aliceann has had an overwhelming amount of positive support as well.

What would you do if you found a cruel meme of your own child online?

The Doctors: New Truth Campaign Uses Viral Cat Videos

The Truth Campaign is known as one of the biggest and most successful youth smoking prevention campaigns in history. Recently, a new campaign was released using viral videos, and they’re calling it Catmageddon. The viral videos show adorable and hilarious cats, with the message that smoking affects your pets even more than it affects you. Research has been shown that cats who are exposed to more than 19 cigarettes a day are four times more likely to develop squamous cell carcinoma. Dr Sears joked that from now on, whenever he sees someone smoking he’s going to say “are you kitten me?”

The Doctors: Scabies From The Gym?

Moving on, The Doctors then shared pictures of scabies, explaining that just the other day, Dr Jennifer Ashton saw a patient who had gotten scabies at the gym. The poor woman suffered from the skin condition for six months until she was properly diagnosed and treated, which certainly isn’t easy to do. Dr Sears explained that often times you can have a rash for a month before it even begins to itch and the itch can be the biggest clue for doctors. Dr Ashton explained that her patient got the condition from a turf surface at her college athletic facility, and stressed the importance of being aware of the surface you’re using. Go ahead and shower after every workout just in case you come into contact with anything dangerous.

The Doctors: Eat Blindfolded To Lose Weight?

Dr Travis Stork then placed a blindfold on Dr Sears, explaining that a new study out of Germany found that those who were blindfolded consumed 9% fewer calories before they felt full, compared to those who can see. Dr Sears then dug into a big bowl of ice cream, while The Doctors explained that you’re more likely to slow down when blindfolded, which means you eat less before you feel full. Other factors could come into play as well.


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