Drs: Mom Breastfeeding For Friend + Pills To Boost Brain Power


The Doctors: Breastfeeding Her Friend’s Baby

The Doctors were joined by Dr Jorge Rodriguez and began by sharing a picture of a woman breastfeeding her baby and her friend’s child at the same time. The picture has caused quite a controversy and when The Doctors took a Facebook poll, 75% of those who responded said they would not let someone else breastfeed their child. The two moms behind the controversial photo, Charlie and Jessica, joined the show via Skype.


Jessica was one breastfeeding in the photo, and she explained that wet nursing wasn’t a new concept for her or Charlie. “It’s worked out beautifully for us,” Jessica said.

Drs: Mom Breastfeeding For Friend + Pills To Boost Brain Power

If your friend was unable to breastfeed their baby, would you do it for her? The Doctors weighed in. (unicefus / Flickr)

Charlie explained that had a lot of difficulties with her birth and was unable to breastfeed her son for four weeks. When sh went back to work, she tried all kinds of formulas but nothing settled as well as breast milk with her son. Dr Rachael Ross shared that babies who are breastfed tend to have higher IQ’s, so she applauded the women for breastfeeding. Dr Jorge said this is common in other countries, but in our country it’s seen as strange, so our mindsets need to be shifted.


Would you breastfeed a child for your friend?

The Doctors: Promoting Wine On Social Media

The Doctors then moved on to talk about various posts of social media that promote drinking wine as a “cure-all.” So do posts like that make it acceptable to drink more? Dr Travis Stork reported that women are binge drinking 40% more than a decade ago. It may start as a small, every once in a while, sort of thing, but it puts you at risk for taking things too far.

The Doctors then pointed out how many stores are now offering discounts on wine and other alcohol, the more you buy. So The Doctors asked their Facebook followers if getting a discount to buy wine in bulk at the grocery store encourages excessive drinking, and only 20% said yes.

The Doctors: Nootropics To Boost Brain Power

Are you desperate to get everything on your to-do list done? Are you looking for a solution to feeling like you’re falling behind? There are all kinds of pills out there called nootropics that promise to help you accomplish everything with a little more brain power. These so-called “smart drugs” are sold online and in nutrition stores, and now users are talking about taking the pills to increase productiveness. The pills have even been called “an alternative to Adderall.” The FDA doesn’t regulate the pills, so are they safe?

They welcomed Dr Shahla Modir, a psychiatrist and addiction medicine specialist, who explained that nootropics are pharmaceuticals aimed at improving concentration, alertness, and focus. People are so pressured to keep up, so they’re constantly looking or an edge, no matter if it’s in school or in the business world. Dr Modir said the supplements aren’t regulated so there’s no guarantee on safety or even efficacy. A lot of them are selling synthetic and people are even mixing pills together hoping for an optimum result which is super dangerous.

The Doctors: Selling Pills To Boost Brain Power

The Doctors introduced Aubrey Marcus, a man who is selling nootropics with his company Alpha Brain. He explained that his company uses ingredients that come from the earth. They said they also conducted two double-blind clinical trials to prove the efficacy of their product, and found improvements in memory and executive function. Dr Jorge said just because it’s from the earth, that doesn’t mean it’s safe and good for you.

Dr Modir said if you have attention and focus problems at a younger age, or are having serious problems with memory and forgetfulness at an older age, you’re much better off seeing a doctor rather than attempting to fix the problem with these OTC pills.

If you find the right supplement for you, will you take them in hopes of boosting your brain power? Have you already begun taking nootropics?


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