Drs: Molar Pregnancies & Infertility + Tanning Bed Regulations


The Doctors: Recurring Molar Pregnancies

Lilia and Miguel have been married for 14 years and always dreamed of having children. One year after they got married, Lilia got pregnant, but when the doctor did the ultrasound, the baby didn’t have a heartbeat. She was told she had molar pregnancy, which is when tissue that normally develops into a fetus turns into an abnormal growth. The abnormality can trigger symptoms of pregnancy. Every time Lilia has tried to get pregnant, it would result in a molar pregnancy. She’s suffered from five molar pregnancies and her determination to have a baby has put her life at risk.


The Doctors: Couple Struggling With Infertility

Drs: Molar Pregnancies & Infertility + Tanning Bed Regulations

The Doctors spoke with a couple who, after suffering from five molar pregnancies, learned of a new possibility of having a baby. (rahego / Flickr)

After the last molar pregnancy, Lilia was told she could likely conceive through IVF. It was suggested that she select a male embryo for a higher chance of having a sucessful pregnancy. Lilia and Miguel joined the show as well as Dr Scott Sills, a IVF and fertility expert. Dr Sills examined both Lilia and Miguel, and said the exact cause is still a mystery. Physically, both patients are in excellent health. Lilia and Miguel are most certainly interested in IVF in hopes of having a baby. Dr Sills said they wanted to do the treatment for Lilia and Miguel at no cost.


The Doctors: Woman Reviews Bad Dates On Yelp Sites

Next, The Doctors welcomed Yelp user Natalie W, who has been posting reviews of her past dates on the Yelp pages of the businesses where those dates took place. The reviews were caught by Yelp who removed them and removed her from the site. She explained that her posts were more about the deliberate misuse of the site. Yelp made a statement saying that Natalie repeatedly violated guidelines for posting on the site.

The Doctors: Tanning Bed Regulations

The Doctors then moved on to report that more 1.6 million Americans under the ager of 18 use tanning beds every year, increasing their chances of getting skin cancer.The FDA, which regulates tanning beds, has proposed making it illegal to use a tanning bed if you’re under the age of 18. They also want to implement risk acknowledgment forms that would have to be signed every six months by those who use the tanning beds. They also want a panic button that would automatically turn everything off, in order to protect users. If you suffer from five or more sunburns, your lifetime risk of developing melanoma goes up 80%.

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The Doctors: Ted Cruz Without Health Insurance

For their Doctors News in 2:00, it was reported that presidential hopeful Ted Cruz recently shared that he lost his health care coverage. His coverage in Texas was canceled at the end of 2015 because Blue Cross/Blue Shield was “leaving the market for individual policies in the state.” Cruz is looking for new plans but said there’s a “hike in premiums that’s happening all over the country.” Cruz’s wife believes the lack of coverage is his fault, not President Obama’s, with Cruz adding “when you let your health insurance policy lapse, your wife gets really ticked at you.”

The Doctors: Lauren Cohen, Shape Magazine

Lauren Cohen will appear on the latest issue of “Shape” magazine and the Walking Dead actress opened up about body shaming and saying that she likes to prep food ahead of time on Sundays, keeping food in mason jars to eat throughout the week.

The Doctors: Sundance Film Festival

The 32nd annual Sundance Film Festival has many celebrities traveling to Park City, Utah. Actress Molly Shannon wowed with her starring role in Other People in which she stars as a woman struggling with terminal cancer. Shannon told News in 2:00 that she loved the material and it “truly took my breath away.”

The Doctors: Keep Your Snacks Fresh

For The Doctors’ Prescription of the Day, Dr Travis Stork revealed a way to fold your snack bag to seal it without a chip clip. Roll the top of the bag down three times, then fold the sides of the fold inward, before flipping the bag over and tucking the sides underneath the fold.


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