Drs: Lawsuit Between Neighbors Over Noisy Children + Man Butts

The Doctors: Does A Man’s Butt Matter To Women?

There’s no denying that most men are admirers of women’s backsides, but BuzzFeed took to the streets to find out what women thought about men’s butts! Cynthia LuCiette spoke to ladies on the street and found that women actually do pay attention to men’s backsides. Dr Jennifer Berman shared that, for her, a butt has to feel like a “round hard apple” and Dr Jennifer Ashton admitted that she’s a fan of her athletic husband’s toned glutes.

Dr Travis Stork suggested that men do something every day to engage their glutes, because it will not only make them look better, but feel better as well.


The Doctors: Mom Sued Because Of Children’s Noise

Drs: Lawsuit Between Neighbors Over Noisy Children + Man Butts

The Doctors heard from a mom who is involved in a lawsuit right now with her neighbors, who complained that her children were being too loud outside. (monkeymashbutton / Flickr)

All moms know that kids aren’t always as quiet as you want them to be, but could they actually be loud enough for the parents to be sued? A lawsuit in Plano, Texas involving two neighbors is stemming from four children making too much noise while playing outside. The neighbors are suing over the noise and were accused of retaliating by playing loud, explicit music. Kelly Counts is the mother of four, and her neighbor claims the playhouse noise is upsetting the “tranquil quality of life” and “…creating noise issues as well as visibility issues for them and their pets.”


The Doctors: Lawsuit Between Noisy Neighbors

Kelly joined the show, explaining that it all began when they moved into their neighborhood a year and a half ago. The neighborhood is centered around an elementary school. They got permission from the Homeowner’s Association to move in the playhouse, as well as permission from the city of Plano. Once they got that permission, the neighbor began playing loud, explicit music whenever the kids went into the backyard to play.

That happened for three and a half months, throughout the entire summer. Kelly repeatedly went next door to ask them to stop but they refused and eventually stopped answering the door. She then went to the police and she actually sued them to get them to stop playing the music while her kids were in the backyard. While that was going through, about three weeks ago, she received a lawsuit from her neighbor, saying that the children playing in the yard were loud and damaging.

Dr Jim Sears said it would be a good idea to try to be friends with your neighbors, but sometimes you encounter unreasonable situations.


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