Drs: High Schools Banning Dances + Doctors Firing Patients


The Doctors: Sisters Fighting While White Water Rafting

If you have a sibling you’ve experienced sibling rivalry, but two sisters took it to the extreme when they got into an argument during a white water rafting trip. The two sisters were seen punching and wrestling each other while in their raft, while others yelled at them to stop. The two sister, Jessica and Jasmine, joined the show over Skype. The youngest sister said it was her fault because she’s the youngest of four and didn’t want anyone else to guide so that she could finally have senority. It was a private trip, a stressful word, and unkind words were said, leading to the fight.

The truth is that the sisters actually rarely fight, but the reality is that they’re both lucky that nothing more serious happened to them.


The Doctors: Doctors Firing Patients

Drs: High Schools Banning Dances + Doctors Firing Patients

The Doctors spoke with a principal at a high school in Maine who decided to ban dances all-together because of inappropriate behavior. (pustovit / Flickr)

The Doctors then moved on to talk about when doctors and patients don’t get along. But what if your doctor decided they didn’t want to work with you? One woman was fired by her doctor after she complained she had an allergic reaction to a medication she was prescribed. Another woman was fired by her dentist after requesting medical records. A third woman was fired by her doctor of six years after she asked for a referral, so obviously it happens!


Dr Andrew Ordon explained that if the patient isn’t responding or gets abusive with the staff, that’s when he, as a doctor, would ask a patient to begin seeing someone else. Dr Travis Stork said there are a few doctors out there who are bothered when their authority is questioned. If you ever feel like you’re abandoned as a patient for no good reason, it’s illegal in some states, so you can submit a complaint to a medical board.

The Doctors: High Schools Banning Dances

Next, Dr Travis explained that several schools across the country have actually banned dancing and cancelled dances because they believe modern dancing is too sexualized. Principal Chris Record, of a high school in Maine, explained that his staff and faculty started to feel like “bouncers on the dance floor” which is not a situation he wants. They worked to fix it, but couldn’t, so this was the next solution.

Chris said dancing styles are so different now and there’s sexually explicit contact taking place. Dr Jennifer Ashton said the answer shouldn’t be cancelling it, and kids should be given a safe place to push boundaries in order to learn what’s appropriate and what’s not. Dr Ashton said “if they’re not doing it at a school dance, I promise you, they’re doing it somewhere.”

She added that it’s important to expose kids to social environments where they’re expected to behave a certain way.


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