Drs: Helping Girl Unable To Smile + Phone Hue For Better Sleep


The Doctors: Change Hue Of Your Phone For Better Sleep

A new app claims that changing the hue of your blue smart phone to red can help you sleep. Change the color filter to reduce eye strain and to prevent disruption of your internal body clock, or so the app claims. But what’s the real deal? The app causes a red overlay which actually can help, but the best thing to do is just put the electronics away a few hours before bed.

A little later in the segment The Doctors revealed the word of the day: floor. You can use the word of the day on The Doctors’ website to enter for a chance to win a Fluidity Barre Total Workout Kit worth $400.


The Doctors: Young Girl Unable To Smile

Drs: Helping Girl Unable To Smile + Phone Hue For Better Sleep

The Doctors welcomed the family of a little girl who was born four month early, causing her to suffer a stroke that has affected her ability to smile. (xtheowl / Flickr)

Imagine never being able to smile? That’s the reality for Kalli. Kalli’s mom was 24-weeks along in her pregnancy when she suddenly went into labor. Kalli weighed 1 pound, five ounces when she was born four months early. Kalli had a stroke in the NICU, resulting in weakness in the left sid eof her face. She’s always been a little “slow” and has issues with vision and hearing loss. As she got older, her smile was always one-sided. Kalli would comment on her own inability to smile.


Kalli’s neurologist suggested that they talk to a plastic surgeon to see what the possibilities were. Insurance didn’t consider it medically necessary, but her parents so badly want to help Kalli so that she can finally smile like she’s always dreamed. Dotty, Kalli’s mom, said they can see her smile, but Kalli doesn’t see it, because she wants to smile like everyone else. She’s even asked why her little brother can smile fully, when she can’t.

Dave, Kalli’s dad, said he wouldn’t wish Kalli’s situation on anyone.

The Doctors: Surgery To Give A Girl Her Smile

Kalli had her first surgery in June to take a nerve from her leg, putting it in her face and connecting it with an existing nerve that works there. Now, they need to take a muscle from the thigh and put that in her face in the right position so that it will help her smile.

The Doctors then welcomed Kalli to the show, telling her that she already had a beautiful smile, but they wanted to help her out. Dr Babak Azizzadeh said he couldn’t wait to help Kalli get her smile back. He and The Doctors were going to give Kalli the funds she needed to have her second surgery and get the smile she wants.


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