Drs: Girl Sent Home From School Without Pants + Licking Toads

The Doctors: 6-Year-Old Sent Home From School In Underwear

The Doctors shared a disturbing story of a 6-year-old girl from Florida who was sent home from school wearing only underwear and a shirt. She had an undisclosed medical condition and was ignored when she asked to go to the bathroom. The medical condition required her to use the bathroom more frequently, and the girl proceeded to wet her pants. The school sent her home in a pair of “school-issued panties” and she had to ride the bus home wearing just that.


That entire experience was obviously traumatizing for the girl. Dr Jennifer Ashton said, as a mom, if that happened to her child she would have gotten arrested. The school said the girl’s shirt was long enough to cover her underwear. The Doctors then pointed out that if the school has “school issued panties” why don’t they have pants as well? A kid that age should also be sent to school with an extra pair of clothes just in case. A plan should’ve been in place ahead of time.

Drs: Girl Sent Home From School Without Pants + Licking Toads

A little girl was sent home from school wearing just underwear and a t-shirt and The Doctors didn’t hold back their opinions. (elizabeth_albert / Flickr)

If your child is constantly going to the bathroom or wetting themselves in school, talk to a doctor to diagnose a possible medical condition.


The Doctors: Man Arrested After Licking A Toad

Next, The Doctors reported that an Indiana man was arrested for licking a toad to get high. There are actually psychoactive toads out there that emit a hallucinogen from their skin. The Colorado River Toad has the toxin and people will lick to get the effect. Police were called after the man was kicked out of a bar, and found the man dancing in the parking lot licking a toad. Dr Ashton said that right there is rock bottom.

The effect doesn’t come from all toads and some can actually be dangerous, in case you were considering going out and trying it yourself. The Doctors shared another picture of Colorado man who went to the E.R. after licking a toad and looking in the mirror to see Black Hairy Tongue, which is a benign condition, but still not good at all.

Kissing a frog is not such a good idea after all, no matter what fairy tales tell you.


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