The Drs: The Fire Challenge & Teenagers Setting Themselves On Fire


The Doctors: The Fire Challenge

The Doctors discussed a dangerous new teenage trend attracting the attention of parents across the country. A seriously insane new trend is popping up online called the fire challenge, and it’s become popular among users on Facebook and YouTube.

Participants in the challenge literally douse themselves in flammable liquid such as hand sanitizer, then light themselves on fire. One teenage boy who did the challenge while standing the shower began to panic as flames took over the entire front side of his torso. After he got rid of the flames, he showed the redness on his skin as well as the peeling skin on the side of his face as a result of burns from the challenge.


The Drs: The Fire Challenge & Teenagers Setting Themselves On Fire

The Doctors talked about a dangerous new online trend where teenagers actually purposefully set themselves on fire. (Alan Poulson Photography /

He burned all the hair off his body as well, and then looked right into the camera and told people not to do the challenge.

The Drs TV: Teenagers Setting Themselves On Fire

Dr. Drew Ordon said that as a burn surgeon, the footage made him sick to the stomach. Dr. Travis Stork pointed out how people in the videos are trying to pat out the fire with their hands, or fan the flames in order to try to get them to go away, but in reality, they were just adding more oxygen to the fire.


Dr. Jim Sears shared that in one of the videos they shared, a mom of one of the participants actually filmed the video and then was arrested for endangerment.

The Doctors: Dangerous YouTube Trend

Dr. Stork said he was really happy that he grew up a generation ago because kids are kids, but seriously? Dr. Stork said now, kids are exposed to a dumb idea that someone on the other side of the country may have thought was a good idea, all thanks to the internet. The motivation behind all the stupidity is a viral video.

Dr. Stork also pointed out that he noticed in quite a few videos, how close the flames were getting to the person’s hair, and especially if they have hair products in their hair, once the hair catches fire, “it’s over.”

It should go without saying, but please don’t put your lives in danger by trying to attempt this incredibly stupid challenge.


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