Drs: Fake Urine For Drug Tests + Parenting Tips For Bedwetting


The Drs: Fake Pee To Pass Drug Tests

Drs: Fake Urine For Drug Tests + Parenting Tips For Bedwetting

The Doctors shared tips for how to help an older child who still wets the bed. (jeep5d / Shutterstock.com)

The Doctors shared the story of a man who was busted for selling fake urine so that people could pass drug tests. Reportedly, the man had been selling synthetic products online called “Never Fail A Drug Test” and “Urine Luck.” He pleaded guilty to conspiracy to defraud and introduction to misbranded drugs and now faces up to six years in federal prison.


The device is made to look like the male organ so that you can make it look like you’re actually urinating. You even heat up the liquid so that it reaches the right temperature. People were using the devices during supervised drug tests, and defrauding an alcohol or drug test is actually a felony in some states.

Dr Ordon said if you’re going as far as buying a product to fool a drug test, you have a problem that needs to be addressed.

The Drs: Shamed For Wetting The Bed

Then, still on the topic of urinating, The Doctors moved on to talk about potty training. As Dr Travis Stork said, saving hundreds of dollars on diapers is an exciting thing, but making the transition to the toilet can be exhausting for parents. That’s probably why one mom took potty training punishment to a new level.


A Florida mom of three was arrested along with her roommate, after posting a picture of her 10-year-old son on Facebook, wearing a dress and makeup as a form of punishment for wetting the bed. Neighbors say the boy was forced to run around the neighborhood in the dress and was forced to take a cold shower while they threw ice at him. The boy was placed into his grandmother’s custody, but the mother and her roommate were released because prosecutors said there was not enough evidence to charge them.

The Drs: Potty Shaming

Dr Andrew Ordon said, “Shame on them,” while Dr Rachael Ross said, “This is abuse.” Dr Ross said a lot of kids aren’t officially potty-trained until they’re 5 years old, so you shouldn’t push it. Plus, 5% of kids still wet the bed after the age of 10, so it’s okay! Dr Stork admitted that he wet the bed at an older age and said it can happen to kids, so punishing your kids for it isn’t a good idea.

The Drs: Dealing With A Bed Wetter

The Doctors were joined by family and child development expert Gail Gross, who said an experience like one the boy had can be so traumatic that some adults rated childhood bed wetting just as traumatic as divorce. She said parents have to reassure their children rather than reinforce their shame or guilt.

If you’re a parent who has an older child wetting the bed, Gail said you want to be a partner with your child and let them know that he is not doing anything wrong and time is his partner so he will outgrow it. Gail said stress and anxiety can play a big part in bed wetting. Let the child know that there are things he can do to help the process and it’s just a stage.

The Drs: Help Child Who Wets The Bed

As Dr Stork said, when you’re asleep, things happen that you can’t control. Dr Stork shared that he’s had dreams about going to the bathroom that were incredibly realistic.

Gail said you also need to teach kids to have confidence and be a part of a group rather than be isolated. Some kids will avoid having sleepovers, so you need to teach them self-compassion.


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