Drs: Dear Baby XO Parenting Blog + School Bathroom Policies


The Drs: Dear Baby XO Blog

Drs: Dear Baby XO Parenting Blog + School Bathroom Policies

The Doctors shared the blog about funny parenting fails. (Tatjana Russita / Shutterstock.com)

The Doctors then moved on to talk about a mom with a really good sense of humor. A proud mom named Sarah Showfety created a blog where she apologizes to her daughter for her mommy mess-ups. One funny post said “Dear Baby: Sorry I said there were Cheerios in there so I could have two minutes alone.” She also posted one that said “Sorry I refer to your morning nap as ‘my first victory of the day.'”


Sarah joined the show over the phone and shared that she had a newborn baby who she was nursing, and very inappropriately thought, “I wish she would hurry up so I could have a glass of wine.” She laughed out loud and thought about other “sub-par parenting moments” that happened that warranted an apology, and thus “Dear Baby” was created.

The Drs: Humorous Parenting Bog

Dr Rachael Ross said she loved the blog because it’s so relatable to all those parents out there, which is so true! She said she’s ready for the “Sorry Teen” blog. Dr Andrew Ordon joked that fathers have a lot less guilt than moms do. Sarah said the goal was always to create humor for parents and she’s gotten a lot of positive feedback. She said parenting is a “crazy stressful endeavor” and she feels that any time you can, you should be laughing about it.


The Drs: Child Denied Bathroom Trip During Period

The Doctors then moved on to talk about how one young woman was denied a trip to the bathroom during her first menstrual cycle. A 12-year-old wasn’t allowed to use the bathroom, so the 7th grader came home with blood soaking through her pants. She told her mom that she was afraid of getting detention. Students at the school are apparently only allowed five trips to the bathroom during class every nine weeks, after which they are punished. Since she had already used her five trips, she was worried that the extra trip would get her thrown off the softball team.

The mom was furious, but the staff told her they could have made an exception if the girl had explained her issue in front of the entire class. Dr Ordon said as a father he would’ve been angry.

The Drs: School Denying Bathroom Trips

The Doctors were joined via Polycom by the girl’s mother, Ryann, who shared that she was very upset for her daughter at first. She said she felt like every child has the right to go to the bathroom and every child has the right to privacy. She explained that they only have three minutes in between classes to go to the bathroom, unless they use the bathroom pass. They also just changed the policy that says kids cannot go to the bathroom at lunch.

Her daughter knew she was bleeding and told the teacher the situation, but when she told the teacher she had no passes left, the teacher asked her to tell her why she had to go, and she was too embarrassed to share so she was told to sit back down. Dr Jennifer Berman said to restrict bodily functions, especially in young girls, is “abuse” and “inhumane.”

The Drs: School Bathroom Policies

Dr Stork said the policy doesn’t fit the bill when it comes to health, because it’s not healthy to hold in urine or stool, and some kids have to urinate every hour or two. He said there’s an implication that if you go to the bathroom a lot, you’re a bad student. Dr Ross said in the past, kids have done other things in the bathroom, so maybe they’re concerned for students’ safety, but still.

Ryann shared that she had to tell her daughter that it was a normal process and that the teacher needed to use some common sense. However, the school hasn’t changed their policy. The school told her that her daughter needs to tell the teacher quietly that she’s having her period, which Ryann didn’t agree with, because it’s a private issue.

The Drs: DUI From Beer-Battered Fish?

The Doctors shared that a Wisconsin man who was suspected of his 10th drunken driving offense was blaming his troubles on beer-battered fish. He told police that he smelled like alcohol because he had been at a fish fry that afternoon and consumed the fish. The deputy saw that the man had nine previous DUIs, a revoked license, as well as an open container of beer in the back seat, so they knew better.

Dr Travis Stork explained that the man was prohibited from driving with a blood alcohol of anything over .02 and he blew a .06, which you can’t get from beer-battered food.


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