Drs: Dangerous Daycare Centers + Wrong Breast Milk Given To Baby


The Doctors: Hazardous Conditions At Daycare Centers

Parenting expert Jo Frost stars in the new show Nanny On Tour, in which she continues to help parents having trouble with their kids. Frost joined The Doctors to discuss hot headlines, beginning with the release of a report regarding the health and safety of daycare centers across the country. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services recently announced that over the past three years, 96% of the child care facilities visited during unannounced health and safety inspections had fractions that included potentially hazardous conditions, non-compliance with background checks for employees, no emergency plans in place, and insufficient training.


Jo Frost states “it’s more than horrifying” as she added that every parent and child has a right to a safe place for learning. Parents trust that they’re leaving their children for hours at a time, at a place that will be positive for their growth and development. Some of the images shown were absolutely horrendous. The hazards found in the survey included protruding rusty nails, cigarette butts, mold, dog feces, and unlocked liquor. Frost wanted viewers to understand that the inspections being discussed included child care facilities that were operated out of someone’s home.

Drs: Dangerous Daycare Centers + Wrong Breast Milk Given To Baby

A shocking report was released that revealed dangerous, hazardous conditions at 96% of our country’s daycare centers, leaving many wondering what’s going on. (mliu92 / Flickr)


The Doctors: Breast Milk Mix-Up

While on the topic of kids, The Doctors then moved on to talk about a Vancouver mom who was horrified to discover her son drinking from a bottle full of breast milk that wasn’t her’s, when she picked him up from daycare. The new mom now wants answers, accountability, and tests on her child and the mother who’s milk was provided. That mother, Tyler, was on the phone to speak with The Doctors. She shared that she didn’t even bring a bottle to the daycare that day, and actually instructed those in charge to call her if he got fussy because she was in the same building and could go out to the car and make him a bottle.

Dr Jennifer Ashton explained that when you have an accidental exposure to a needle stick, the standard is to tell the proper people about it and also talk to the person whose body the fluid came from, in order for them to undergo necessary screening. Tyler spoke with the mom, who agreed to go get tested for her, and her son is going to tested as well. She’s waiting for the daycare facility to agree to pay for the HIV testing, which they haven’t yet.

What would you do if you were in the mother’s shoes?

The Doctors: Elementary School Buddy Bench

On a more positive note, The Doctors explained that one elementary student wanted to make a difference at his school, to create a more encouraging environment for his classmates. He presented an idea for the Buddy Bench to his school principal. The Buddy Bench is now showing up at schools across the country. Christian, the 10-year-old student, explained that kids who are lonely at recess can go sit on the Buddy Bench and someone will come over and ask them if they want to play or talk.

Christian explained that he was about to move to Germany because of his dad’s job, and saw a picture of a Buddy Bench at one of the schools. The idea has clearly been a huge success!


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