Drs: Dad-To-Be Arrested On Way To Hospital With Wife In Labor

The Doctors: Man Arrested Trying To Get Pregnant Wife To Hospital

The Doctors shared the shocking story of an Indiana couple, Dana and James, who’s late-night trip to the hospital to have their baby, turned into a nightmare. Dana’s water broke and James was driving to the hospital when the police tried to pull him over. James was worried that his wife wouldn’t make it in time, so he called 911 to explain why he was continuing to drive. He was eventually pulled over and was forced to the ground at gun-point while trying to explain that his wife was in labor.

Dana was screaming in pain for 35 minutes until an ambulance showed up to take her to the hospital. James was handcuffed and taken to jail, missing the birth.


The Doctors: Abby’s Police Officer Society

Drs: Dad-To-Be Arrested On Way To Hospital With Wife In Labor

The Doctors spoke with the woman who’s husband was arrested after trying to get her to the hospital to deliver their baby. (webhostingreview / Flickr)

Dana joined the show via Skype, as The Doctors explained that the incident happened back in 2012, but the story is re-circulating now that the dashcam video has been released. Dana said they filed a civil suit as soon as it happened, but it just now finished up. A local newspaper reporter saw that the case settled and that’s when the story really came out.


Dana had her daughter three minutes after getting to the hospital. Dr Jennifer Ashton said if you’re in labor in the car, get to the hospital safely without speeding or running red lights. Safety is most important.

The Doctors applauded Dana for starting a non-profit to promote a positive attitude toward police officers. She acknowledged that they made a mistake but want to change the conversation. The non-profit is called Abby’s Police Officer Society and it’s set up to reward officers who deserve recognition for their efforts in serving and protecting their communities. They want to keep what happened to them, from happening to someone else.

What would you have done if you were in either of their position?


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