Drs: Dad Caught Recording Daughter At Dance + Toddler Shaming?


The Doctors: Dad Embarrassed Daughter At School Dance

While discussing hot headlines, pediatrician Dr Tanya Altmann joined the conversation. They showed what happened when a dad surprised his teen daughter at a school dance, catching it all on camera. The girl immediately began screaming and looked pretty obviously embarrassed. Judd and Beth joined the show via Skype, as Judd explained that his daughter spent about 30 seconds saying he ruined her life, but then she was over it. Judd also explained that Beth looked “so cute” and “like she was having so much fun” so he wanted to catch her in that moment. What he didn’t know, was that the light on the camera was going to turn on. That’s when she freaked out!


As funny as the video was, Dr Altmann wanted to take the time to explain when parents could be taking things too far. If a parent is pulling a prank on their child with the sole purpose of embarrassing them in front of their peers and friends, that’s when things have gone too far.

Drs: Dad Caught Recording Daughter At Dance + Toddler Shaming?

After explaining how he accidentally embarrassed his daughter at her school dance, the father told The Doctors whether she still held a grudge. (sodaniechea / Flickr)

Have you ever purposefully or accidentally embarrassed your child, or been embarrassed by your own parents? We’d love to hear your stories!


The Doctors: Toddler Shaming

According to The Doctors, there’s another social media trend gaining popularity, called toddler shaming. Parents are posting funny pictures of their mess-making toddlers online, after catching them in the act. According to Dr Altmann, research has shown that messier toddlers learn better than their tidier peers. Toddlers learn by exploring all their senses, even if it means making a total mess! Dr Altmann suggests that parents get their toddlers involved in the kitchen to help cook, encouraging them to try and enjoy healthier foods.

The Doctors: SculpSure To Get Rid Of Stubborn Fat

On a different note, The Doctors wanted to take a closer look at a new FDA-approved treatment called SculpSure, that claims to help you burn fat without exercising. They put it to the test, hoping to see if Sarina, Amira, and Gabby would benefit from SculpSure. The three women were treated by Dr Christine Petti, who explained that she used a customizable frame that would fit the particular area to be treated in each patient. The applicators are snapped into the frame for 25 minutes, hoping to “zap the fat.”

The procedure is entirely pain-free, and Amira, with Dr Petti, joined the show to discuss the treatment further. Dr Petti explained that the laser actually destroys the fat and permanently removes it, allowing your body to naturally eliminate it over time. The patient typically sees results in 6-12 weeks. Amira’s before and after photos were dramatic, but there was definitely a difference, about 10 weeks after two treatments. Dr Petti added that a patient should anticipate 2-3 treatments, which cost about $1,000-2,000 per session.

For someone looking to avoid surgery, SculpSure could be the solution. Would you consider the treatment?


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