Drs: Controversial Hunting Photo + What Is Urine Skin Therapy?


The Doctors: Plastic Surgery Game For Kids

Just about everyone is familiar with the game “Operation.” Well, now there’s a similar app that’s getting quite a bit of attention, but for seemingly all the wrong reasons. Kids are now playing an app that simulates plastic surgery, simulating nose jobs, face lifts, and liposuction, and the apps are targeted specifically to younger children. Dr Millie Behera, an OB/GYN and fertility specialist, was concerned about the apps making it even more difficult for children to learn to love themselves just as they are. Dr Andrew Ordon argued that the games are all in good fun. Either way, it’s all the more reason to be attentive as a parent and keep a constant discussion about body image.

Would you let your kids play a plastic surgery simulator app?


The Doctors: Child Biting Raw, Bloody Deer Heart After Hunting

Drs: Controversial Hunting Photo + What Is Urine Skin Therapy?

A father is now receiving unexpected backlash after posting a commemorative photo of his daughter after her first hunting kill. (douglashaase / Flickr)

Speaking of kids and parenting, there’s a father taking a lot of heat after he posted a photo of his 8-year-old daughter biting into a deer heart to celebrate killing her first deer. Some said it was a great tradition for the daughter to take part in, while others were horrified. Obviously, anytime you eat, there are risks, especially with raw meat. The reality is that the photo is simply to commemorate her first hunting kill, not the father encouraging her to eat raw meat.


How do you feel about the photo?

The Doctors: Urine Skin Therapy

Moving on, would you believe that urine therapy is a real thing? People are reportedly collecting their own urine, specifically their first pee of the day, and then applying it to their face and body. Dr Ordon quickly pointed out that urine is sterile and 95% water and contains a component that can help get rid of dead skin cells. But could you actually benefit from rubbing your own urine into your skin? We really can’t forget about the idea that you could easily emit a urine smell for the rest of the day if you don’t properly rinse off!

The Doctors: Live Woman’s Photo Used For Funeral Donation Scam

The Doctors then switched gears to talk about a woman whose face was being used on a donation jar to collect money for her funeral. The problem is that she’s not dead. Posted to the jar was also a note explaining that they were asking for donations. The photo was actually taken off a woman’s Facebook page and used on the jar to scam people for money. Since the scam was discovered, there’s been attempts to track down whoever is behind the scam and remove any more jars that were set up.


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