Drs: Child Died After Policy Prevented Use Of Life-Saving Epi-Pen


The Doctors: Before & After Keloid Removal

Tiffany was featured on the show a year ago, revealing bulging, keloid scars. They surprised her by offering a brand new treatment that could freeze the keloids in order to help get rid of them, clearing Tiffany’s skin. The procedure was an absolute success, and Tiffany was thrilled to join the show wearing a sleeveless dress for the first time in years! She was absolutely glowing with confidence! Tiffany was brought to tears with gratitude and utter joy! Even better, her doctor believes the keloids won’t come back!


The Doctors: Dr Jennifer Berman Dancing With L.A. Dance Squad

Drs: Child Died After Policy Prevented Use Of Life-Saving Epi-Pen

The Doctors were incredibly disturbed to hear that a first-grader passed away after school officials failed to administer life-saving treatment because of a school policy. ([email protected] / Flickr)

Next, after Dr Andrew Ordon visited the USA water polo team, it was Dr Jennifer Berman’s turn to have a little fun! She got to find out what it was like to dance with the Los Angeles Clippers’ Dance Squad. They have a new show on E!, so Dr Berman was thrilled to find out just how hard they really work! She whopped off her lab coat to reveal yoga pants and a sports bra, as she stepped right in to learn some choreography! A week later, Dr Berman actually performed a routine with the Dance Squad for the show’s audience! She was a little off here and there, but with just one week to practice throughout her already busy schedule, she did wonderful and felt great about her performance!


The Doctors: First Grader Died From Anaphylactic Shock At School

The Doctors then switched gears entirely to share news of a tragedy that occurred at a Virginia elementary school. A 7-year-old girl died from anaphylactic shock while she was at school. The school didn’t administer an Epi-Pen injection because of the district protocol to administer life-saving medication only when they have a treatment plan on file. Because of the rule, the 1st grader passed away and the mom stated that she actually did have a treatment plan on file. Regardless, why would teachers not override school policy if it meant saving a life?

Following the girl’s death, Amaria’s Law was enacted that permits Virgina schools to stock Epi-Pens and use them when a child is thought to be suffering a severe allergic reaction. Dr Tanya Elliott explained that you do need a prescription to get an Epi-Pen, so be sure to talk to your doctor. An Epi-Pen is the life-saving treatment in the case of anaphylaxis. Always remember “blue to the sky, orange to the thigh” and hold the pen to the person’s thigh for ten seconds. Call 911 and have the person transported to the hospital right away.

It’s always a good idea to have an Epi-Pen available, just in case, because you never know what could happen.

The Doctors: Inappropriate Cake Removed From Instagram?

The Doctors then shared an image of a cake that was shared on Instagram. The picture was quickly taken down after the program recognized it as a female breast. Even worse, the cake is an Easter cake that represents Jesus and his apostles.

Body was the word of the day and you can use the word body on The Doctors’ website to enter for a chance to win a $268 gift bag from LifeCell anti-aging skin care.

The Doctors: National Nurses’ Day

In The Doctors News in 2:00, in honor of National Nurses’ Day on May 6, The Doctors’ saluted 3.4 million registered nurses who have dedicated their lives to others. Discovery Life Channel kicks off their weekend-long recognition of nurses with the documentary The American Nurse which explores aging, war, poverty, and prison through the work and lives of five nurses.

The Doctors: Minnie Driver Stand Up To Cancer

Minnie Driver is front and center in the latest Stand Up to Cancer campaign, hoping to raise awareness for ovarian cancer. Driver lost her grandmother to ovarian cancer and explained that it’s crucial women know their family history and talk to their doctors in order to find out their risk.

The Doctors: Chris Evans Captain America Shoulder Injury

Captain America: Civil War will be the first of many movies to premiere this summer. In one scene, Chris Evans sustained a shoulder interview while performing a stunt that called for Chris to hang onto the base of a helicopter.


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